Who’s up for a challenge?

Paul Walker and Integrity Fitness are on a mission to help you get a better, happier, more fulfilled life – and they are willing to put money on it!

Think about this: You’ve been trying to lose weight for years. Sometimes you do, but then it all comes back. On weekends you overeat, then on Mondays you’re feeling guilty and start an unsustainable Monday-to-Friday diet. “It’s all about the relationship we have with food,” says Paul Walker, owner of Integrity Fitness aka Paul’s Boot Camp.

Paul says there’s a better way. That’s why he started the 35-Day Transformation Challenge for Mind and Body, to help ladies build a better relationship food, a positive and healthy one. The challenge promotes a lifestyle holistic approach to food.

Once you register, you will get started with one of three meal plans (plant-based, holistic or sports), which include recipes and instruction. Plus, you’ll get loads of support, including calls and emails exploring why you’re taking the challenge, how you’re going to implement the strategy and what you need to do to prepare yourself for success. On weekends, the participants meet as a group to work out and discuss issues – with a holistic coach to answer questions.

The challenge is only $199. Everybody who loses 10lbs wins $100.

There are thousands of dollars in prizes to be won, including cash, trips to Las Vegas, shopping sprees at Yorkdale. And there’s certainly no lack of success stories. Each challenge produces almost a hundred successful women. Many ladies lose well over 15lbs, and in some cases almost 30lbs.

Paul believes that satisfaction truly comes from within. He should know. He’s seen firsthand the effects of not working out, with members of his own family diagnosed with mental illness. The best way to beat it is through health and fitness, he adds.

“People just don’t seem happy, they don’t seem fulfilled anymore,” he says. “But if you just invest in yourself, give yourself some love, appreciate who you are and take time for yourself by working out, then you see the world a little bit differently.”

And if you do all that, the good part is that you lose weight. “You have to have a good reason, and it has to be greater than losing 10 pounds,” he says. So, Paul empowers women to discover why they actually want to lose weight. “Just come out and try it out,” says Paul. After all, what do you have to lose?


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