Viva/York Region
Nobleton is a hub of stunning real estate developments, with a blend of new and historic buildings that showcase luxurious, thought-provoking architecture and serene gardens and landscapes. As the village is settled in the midst of rolling hills, lush forests and the scenic Humber River, to live in Nobleton is a true visual blessing. Residents savour not only the area’s quaint small-town vibe, but also the array of outdoor activities offered to them by their natural surroundings. In addition to enjoying the rural views, Nobleton’s citizens and visitors explore the history-steeped culture of the village by stopping by its many historic structures, its one-of-a-kind boutique businesses and other unique attractions like the King Brewery.


Established in 1812, Nobleton brings a charmed village lifestyle to the Township of King. Home to less than 4,000 people, Nobleton is nestled in a lush rural landscape cut through by the Humber River, but still a quick trek from downtown Toronto. The growing village is known as a quiet day-tripping destination as it’s steeped in history, boasts scenic forests and farmland, and is dotted with beautiful homes, boutique shops, bakeries and other destinations worthy of a visit, like Nobleton Lakes Golf Club and the award-winning King Brewery. A serene spot to work and play, Nobleton is a jewel of southern Ontario.