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When exercise becomes second nature, total health becomes the focus. Integrity Fitness celebrates its trainers and members who are unconditionally committed to the lifelong fitness lifestyle.

The team at Integrity Fitness proudly boasts an incredible success rate among its membership, with an unbelievable number of women committed to the lifestyle that Integrity Fitness promotes: a lifelong dedication to total body fitness, inside and out.

Owner Paul Walker and his team of trainers have an ongoing focus and passion to work alongside women in helping them achieve the best version of themselves. The team passes along empowerment and opportunity to women who think it’s impossible to maintain a long-term healthy lifestyle.

With decades of experience in the industry, star trainers Sandra Mazzoli and Claudia Aversa epitomize lifelong fitness. Day in and day out Sandra and Claudia are motivated to help members stay dedicated and focused, while fostering love for a healthy lifestyle through their patient, compassionate and relatable approach.

“I love seeing people’s lives transform mentally and emotionally — it’s not always about the weight,” says Sandra.

Sandra has been dedicated to her own total body fitness since a health scare reminded her that fitness was more than just appearing in shape. “Fitness is important no matter what your shape or size,” says Sandra. “If you look fit, your heart and muscles need to be as well.”

For Claudia, working out is a treat, a stress release that leaves her feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle her days with energy and enthusiasm. It’s the contagious spirit she brings to each of her sessions that inspires members to take their workouts to the next level — never wanting to settle for the “quick fix.”

“Sometimes people see it as a big sacrifice to exercise and eat well, but really you’re doing it for yourself and your family,” says Claudia. “You also become a role model, setting your family up for a healthy lifestyle too.”

The mentorship that Sandra and Claudia demonstrate is easily translated to the gym’s members. Along with the numerous transformation stories that are continuously emerging from Integrity Fitness, there are just as many stories that boast about existing members who have found an ongoing way to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Impressively, star member Sabrina has attended more than 1,500 boot camp sessions. In fact, during her second pregnancy, Sabrina trained at boot camp until the day she gave birth. She attributes her dedication to her workouts to the wonderful trainers at Integrity Fitness, who encouraged her to push through her obstacles, in turn instilling in her a lifelong love of fitness.

Fellow gym member Lupe achieved her weight loss goals, but is far more proud of what she gained in exchange — increased energy and mental strength. Over the course of more than 900 training sessions at Integrity Fitness, Lupe has learned the importance of maintaining fitness in all aspects of her life. She praises Integrity Fitness for providing her with the necessary support to live her best life, physically and mentally.

The team at Integrity Fitness believes that fitness is not a journey with a finish line, but rather a way of life. Trainers like Sandra and Claudia are committed to helping each member achieve their fitness goals and promoting a lifelong love of fitness with an abundance of support and guidance.

51 Jevlan Dr., Woodbridge, Ont.
8000 Hwy. 27, Woodbridge, Ont.

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