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Integrity Fitness in Vaughan has become one of the GTA’s top fitness facilities by offering customized world-class training programs specifically and exclusively designed for women. Integrity’s mission is to provide group training in a circuit training format that can be personalized to meet each client’s needs and match their abilities, all at a quarter of the cost of other fitness programs.


Every client at Integrity has her own personal reason for adhering to a fitness program, but perhaps the most powerful are the personal stories of clients who have returned to fitness or continued fitness after experiencing a medical setback.

Susie: “I was diagnosed in 2015 with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and it required a different approach to my training. Paul put together a personal training program that kept me active during my chemotherapy, helped my body stay strong and helped me through my healing process.”

Sabrina: “I joined Integrity three years ago after being diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2011 and an ovarian tumour in 2015, as I knew I had to take control of not only my body, but how I fuelled it as well. The goal isn’t a number on a scale but to take care of yourself, do your best and love the reflection staring back at you, no matter your size or battle scars. Integrity classes are an amazing way to get an hour to myself and to recharge mentally and physically, and they have played a major role in my road to recovery.”


Integrity Fitness is also proud to have many Star Clients, those amongst its regular membership who have gone above and beyond in their personal training and whose stories are truly inspirational for anyone looking to begin her own personal training regime.

Cathy: “After the birth of my third child I discovered the METCON30 program online, having heard about it from friends. I began to take the difficult steps required to regain my shape and began to implement clean eating habits. I refused to allow my duties as a mom to become an excuse for not achieving the shape that I wanted. It was an incredible feeling of deep satisfaction to not only attain my pre-pregnancy weight, but also look better, and it was the simple secret of having a plan and sticking to it!”

Monique: “I joined Integrity back in 2012 to get in shape and do something positive for myself. I had lost my mother that year and the Boot Camp sessions became an outlet for me to heal. I took a break but returned eight weeks after my third child was born and began intensive training. I went through back-to-back Integrity Fitness Nutrition Challenges and five months postpartum, I had lost 50 pounds. Now follow a clean eating meal plan. I would say to anyone that you can achieve your goals once you have a routine in place that works for you.”

Teresa: “I turned 43 and was feeling a little down. One day I was driving through Zenway and saw all these slim and trim women exercising in the sun outside Integrity Fitness. That got me all fired up, and I joined a week later. Today, I feel younger, in much better shape and great about myself. My biggest challenge is to always try to find that balance between my job, my family demands and my workouts.”

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