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Inspiring supermoms to achieve super fitness.

Somewhere along the journey through parenthood, moms put themselves on the backburner to devote all of their time and energy to their little ones. But in reality, these supermoms should be taking care of their health first and foremost. Moms can attest, they don’t feel like themselves when they are burnt out, fatigued and unhealthy.

Shivani knew it was time to stop making excuses for holding on to the extra pounds she gained during pregnancy. After her first session at Integrity Fitness, she felt that the boutique-style studio and personalized approach was just what she needed. “No matter what setbacks I faced during my journey, I found myself surrounded with the most supportive team at Integrity Fitness,” says Shivani.

Nancy, meanwhile, felt it was crucial to make the most of the little alone time she had as a mom by committing to a program that actually works. “Working out is a big stress release,” says Nancy. “I am also so proud of getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight after having four children.” Committing to Boot Camp sessions at least two to three times a week, and taking part in the Integrity Fitness Nutrition challenges, has helped Nancy achieve her goals.

Integrity Fitness helps supermoms like Nancy and Shivani get back to the best version of themselves, so they can set an example for their biggest fans: their children.

Integrity Fitness
51 Jevlan Dr., Woodbridge, Ont.
8000 Hwy. 27, Woodbridge, Ont.

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