Giro D’Italia Ristorante: A Taste Of Italy In Vaughan

The concept behind Giro D’Italia is simple: to take guests through a culinary tour of Italy via different dishes every month. They do this by updating their menu to reflect a particular place’s favourite foods and inspirations.

Most recently, it was the picturesque Calabria, with a menu bringing eggplants, Crotonese and caciocavallo cheese, spicy ’nduja and peperoncini to people’s plates. “We also experienced the amazing flavours of the sea, as the fish and seafood were so abundant,” reads their website. “All through Calabria, we tasted the influence of the fresh, locally grown citrus fruit in the food and delicious beverages.”

Alongside their monthly menu, Giro D’Italia also offers their Giro menu, full of dishes like rigatoni Bolognese, pollo alla cacciatora and fresh salads.

8470 Jane St., Vaughan, ON
(905) 597-8225

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Josh Walker

Josh Walker