dNOVO Group: Branding With The Evolving Legal Terrain


All law firms need an impactful presence that shows confidence, leadership and professionalism; dNOVO Group can make that happen.

For many years, the legal terrain had gone unchanged, concerning client acquisition and how legal matters proceeded. But the COVID-19 pandemic completely shook the terrain of the legal field, and, since then, it has evolved to become more adaptable.

How so? Courts have closed, and lawyers are now more than willing to be available virtually for client consultations and meetings with opposing legal counsel, as well as for attending hearings. Furthermore, law firms have made their services more accessible online, in general, than ever before. Whether it is the ability to make a virtual appointment, pay your invoice, or get useful information and tips via webinars, the legal industry underwent a rapid push towards accessibility via the internet. The years of minimalistic, conservative law firm websites are gone.

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Those involved in a legal matter are anxious and stressed due to what their future or their loved one’s future will hold. In dire need of help, they will rely on two things: a personal word-of- mouth referral and a law firm’s online presence. A law firm’s website is crucial to client volume, longevity and reputation. No one knows that better than dNOVO Group.

Founded in 2011, the dNOVO Group has helped the online presence of some of the most prominent law firms and professional offices in varying industries. The agency’s expertise in legal marketing strategies has become an indispensable tool for professionals to personalize their firm’s niche, style and perception by leveraging the power of the internet, using:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This will help its clients rank No. 1 in Google searches, increase their traffic and get more leads.
  • Google Ads, with Pay-Per-Click (PPC): dNOVO’s campaigns are created to capitalize on searches with the highest intent.
  • Local Service Ads: These should run with PPC ads and drive 33% of all clicks from Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Also, with these ads, you only ever pay for legitimate leads.
  • Web Design Services: The agency will work with the client to design a site that will convert visitors to clients.

For years, firms have relied on dNOVO because the company can effectively connect lawyers to their firm’s target demographic within neighbouring communities. If a firm specializes in white- collar criminal defence, it can use its website to project a professional image that inspires trust and confidence in potential clients. Similarly, if a lawyer specializes in family law, they can use their website to convey a feeling of compassion and empathy toward their clients.

From the written tone on the website to the colour palette used for the video production and imagery presented, dNOVO knows how to relate to the client. See their portfolio for yourself!

No matter which branch of law they specialize in, dNOVO will work to establish your firm’s legal team as trustworthy, reliable and professional community members who will be held in the highest regard.


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