Zilli Home Interiors: 15 Years Of Furnishing Excellence

York Region’s most trusted furniture destination, Zilli Home Interiors celebrates its 15th anniversary of personable, dedicated and professional service.

For Natalie Papia, President of Zilli Home Interiors, the past 15 years have flown by because of her hard work, passion, and dedication.

Although she grew up in a family-owned furniture-upholstery business, she recalls the unsettling nerves she had all those years ago when she transitioned from the manufacturing industry to face-to-face customer retail.

“March 2009 was a whirlwind! With three young kids and a business to open, my life was utter craziness. I think back to the rushed days of work and family and now cherish those special memories so much,” says Papia.

Her initial fears soon dissolved because of the great mentors who eased that transition. But most of all, what laid the foundation for Papia’s success was her simple mantra of always being true to herself.

“The easiest way to face challenges is with authenticity. With honesty comes compassion for others as well as yourself,” says Papia.

Zilli Home Interiors is a 22,000-square- foot three-floor showroom containing more than 70 gorgeous coordinated and fully furnished “rooms to inspire,” from family rooms to kitchens to bedrooms and home offices. Through the years of success, lifestyle trends and product selections have certainly evolved but what has remained is the Zilli Home mission: a firm commitment to offering the ultimate home-furnishing experience to its amazing long-standing customers.

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It is more than just creating beautifully furnished spaces – it’s about creating family memories! The Zilli Home Interiors team doesn’t just foster trustful relationships with returning customers. That trust has been transmitted to the next generation, too, to the children of those customers, who are now starting families of their own and are eager to create their first homes.

As they continue to listen and cater to their clients’ needs, Zilli Home Interiors’ internal operations have grown. The company now has a robust online and social media presence, which it uses to showcase its deep knowledge of its product lines, its understanding of the latest trends and its bespoke services.

“The easiest way to face challenges is with authenticity. With honesty comes compassion for others as well as yourself.”

“In the next 15 years, I want to continue to do what we do and to grow it beyond just Vaughan, expanding in terms of servicing deliveries outside of the Greater Toronto Area or setting up another storefront location. Also growing ourselves individually to maintain our vision for our customers well into the future,” says Papia.

The dedicated team remains available seven days a week for all your home furnishing needs, whether that means when you go into their store to explore their three floors of inspiration, they pay you an in-home visit to help you make your space a reflection of your style or you peruse their online offerings from the comfort of your home. No matter what, they are there for you.

“I love my staff. They each possess such passion and heart, who know just how to brighten our everyday lives,” says Papia.

Today, Natalie Papia the entrepreneur, wife and mother of three still gets charged with an adrenaline rush out of achieving her personal best – which, for her, means balancing her work and her family life in a way that perfectly feeds her soul and spirit.

672 Chrislea Road, Woodbridge, Ont.


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