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Vaughan’s top workout spot shares the success stories of its star clients.

It’s no secret that taking those first steps toward achieving your fitness goals is a challenge when you feel intimidated by your peers at the gym. This anxiety results in the never-ending cycle of planning and postponing.

Integrity Fitness prides itself on an inclusive fitness environment, where real women can strive toward real results in a safe, motivating space. Regardless of age or experience, owner Paul Walker and the team at Integrity Fitness tirelessly encourage each woman to strive toward being the best version of herself — which could explain their countless success stories and rave reviews.

Meet Palmira, a star client and trainer at Integrity Fitness. After putting on weight during both of her pregnancies and feeling uncomfortable with her body, Palmira was trapped in the cycle of fad dieting and poor lifestyle choices. It wasn’t until she sought the support of Integrity Fitness that she was able to switch course, improving her training and eating habits. Now, Palmira is part of the Integrity Fitness team and participates in Figure Competitions, something she never imagined she would have the self-discipline to pursue.

“I found strength not from lifting weights, but from self-discipline and mental focus,” says Palmira.

Nelly is another Integrity Fitness superstar. Since 2014, she has been committed to attending boot camp several times a week. From the very beginning, Nelly loved that her workouts made her stronger and gave her the mental and physical energy to keep up with her kids — she was hooked! Now, after losing more than 20 pounds, Nelly is more focused than ever on maintaining her figure and participating in Integrity Fitness Fast Track challenges. She is also able to stick to healthy, balanced meal plans without following along on paper; it is now part of Nelly’s lifestyle. Her best advice: be patient and don’t give up.

“Paul always tells us that fitness is a journey and a lifestyle, it’s not a destination,” says Nelly. “I’m a true example of that.”

Giving up is certainly not in Teresa’s vocabulary. This star client won a package of 24 sessions in an auction and hails the prize as divine intervention. Teresa admits that it wasn’t always easy. During her first class, she was discouraged at how difficult the workouts seemed, but regained confidence with each passing session and through the encouragement from her trainers and peers. Thanks to her perseverance, Teresa surpassed her goal weight by five pounds, and is currently maintaining a weight of 125 pounds. “Never give up,” says Teresa, “we’ve all been there.” She encourages other women to stay focused and enjoy the journey to fitness.

Integrity Fitness
51 Jevlan Dr., Woodbridge, Ont.
8000 Hwy. 27, Woodbridge, Ont.

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