Beauty Tips for The Season

La Couture Hair Lounge offers up the hottest hair and aesthetics tips of the season to keep your looks salon-fresh long after you leave.

Sofie Anania, hairstylist

Smooth it out
It’s one of the hairstylists’ favourite hair treatments: Kashmir Hair Mask Botox smooths out frizzy hair, repairs damage and helps fight breakage. The treatment takes only a few hours and it lasts for months. “It’s actual Botox for your hair,” says Sophie, a hairstylist at the salon. “It’s perfect for the summer or when you’re on vacation. I have clients who get it done all the time!”

Luca Tedesco, barber

Caesar Budakh, hairstylist

For guys only
“For summer, a lot of guys want a simple buzz; they like to get up and go,” says Caesar, a hairstylist. “But guys come in and they say their hair never looks the same at home.” Why? “You have to wash it, style it, then blow-dry it; you can’t just wake up, wet your hair and style it.” As for Luca, a barber, he likes straight blading. “It’s the best way to get a clean look. We do beard outlines and fades, too, guys like that a lot.”

Olivia De Luca, hairstylist

Wedding trends
This year, brides will be rocking the beach wave, the Hollywood wave, the glam soft wave. And buns are a perennial classic — low ones, high ones, messy ones. “It’s easier to come in to get the complicated looks you can’t do at home,” says Olivia. “And don’t forget about hair extensions: they can easily give you long, luxurious hair and the look and colour you want for the wedding without damaging your own hair.”

Sandra Almeida, aesthetician

It’s all about the brows
Whether you’re young or older, eyebrows are a big deal. “People tweeze, then they wax their brows, then they’re too thin — but eventually they don’t grow back and they’re gone!” says Sandra of Sandra’s Esthetics at the salon. How to get them back? Microblading, a form of tattooing, places pigment underneath the skin. Using a special tool, hair-like strokes are drawn, filling in bare spots and looking natural.

La Couture Hair Lounge Team
Summer is short — it’s really only a few months — so we all want to make sure we look good for our favourite season. The best place to go? La Couture Hair Lounge in Concord, Ont.

Visiting a hair salon should be fun — like spending time with your friends, who all have your back because they want to see you shine. That’s what it’s like at La Couture. It’s an intimate, friendly place where easygoing staff welcomes you with a smile and a cappuccino. The best part? Extras like a hair treatment and a 15-minute scalp massage that everyone loves.

It’s a place where you’re treated like family. “We see people here more than we see our family and friends. On Saturdays, we work instead of going out, and we’re here on long weekends, too,” says Diana De Cristofaro, the owner of the salon. “You have to get along with everyone or it just doesn’t work.”

Diana’s motto? If you do good work, then it comes back to you. That’s exactly what happened at La Couture, which opened with three people — now there’s a staff of 12 and they’ve moved to a bigger location. The best part? This year, they’re celebrating their five-year anniversary!

La Couture Hair Lounge
130 Bass Pro Mills Dr. Unit 60, Concord, Ont.

photos by carlos a. pinto

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