Let Go And Let God – Ilina Ivana

Ilina Ivana is an intuitive channeler, spiritual healer and mentor. She says she was summoned to do this work and it was never the plan even in her wildest dreams. Thankful she didn’t ignore her calling, the spiritual advisor says that her practice is constantly evolving and she is now also focusing on ThetaHealing, a method used to connect one to their higher self for divine healing.

Q. What tools do you use in your practice?
A. I use my own intuition channels, connecting to a higher self and divine consciousness. One of my main tools is my tarot cards. I have special tarot cards that I use. It’s not like old-fashioned tarot. Mine are called Thoth. Another of my favourite tools is a Turkish coffee cup reading, and I’m also a professional astrologer.

Q. How did this journey begin for you?
A. You see, I always had a lot of faith. I always believed in God from day one, I was never really taught to believe in God. I always considered myself very spiritual, putting faith and gratitude in everything I do. I truly believe that my gifts came from God and my desire to help people and make a difference. One day I was touched by a very prophetic dream, telling me I was following the right path and that I needed to do that for people. Once I surrendered myself to the divine guidance, this is what opened everything for me. This is how I found myself being truly surprised.

“Once I surrendered myself to the divine guidance, this is what opened everything for me”

Q. What are some negative instances you’ve experienced?
A. Very seldomly someone will ask me if I believe in God, or if this is devil’s work. I’m very lucky this is rare, and I think it’s all in how I approach people. I go with an open heart and I guess right away people notice my pure intentions, so there are never any misconceptions. And I have to say that the biggest non-believers are my greatest clients. Like anything in life we can use our gift for good and evil. If you go in with the intention to help people it can be channelled for the good.

Q. What is the most rewarding thing about what you do?
A. I’m sure every psychic wants to hear that their prediction panned out, and this is great, but let’s remove the ego for a moment because it’s not about that. At the end of the day we also have control over our future, so it’s not what I say, it’s what you choose to do. But the most rewarding thing is when a person comes stuck at a crossroads — I truly believe that I have this ability, through the grace of God; I actually truly see their path. It’s also rewarding to see that moment of revelation when a client realizes their true path (which they already knew) and affirming they are heading in the right direction and continue following it.


photo by carlos a. pinto

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