Cycleworx Custom Motorcycles: The Leading Choice In The Customization World

Whether it’s Angelo DiPardo’s passion or his team’s unparalleled knowledge, there’s a reason Cycleworx clients are so loyal.

When it comes to dedication to a special interest, it’s tough to beat the pride and passion of motorcyclists. And feeding that passion is Cycleworx Custom Motorcycles in Concord, Ont., where for more than 25 years, Angelo DiPardo and his team of skilled technicians and custom fabricators build, service, restore and customize the finest bikes for a most demanding group of clientele.

Bikers are a unique band of adventurers. Not only do they enjoy the look, power and sound of their bikes, but they also enjoy the freedom that a two-wheeled “sweet ride” provides: the ability to explore parts of the countryside in a special way that regular vehicle drivers cannot. No one understands their passion and motorcycle needs better than DiPardo, a self-made and self-taught success story.

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“During my lunch hours at high school, I would hang out at a nearby automotive shop which repaired and restored exotic vintage vehicles,” recalls DiPardo. “That’s where I developed my love for Italian cars, and I brought that same passion to bikes.”

Today, Cycleworx specializes in custom fabrication, maintenance, restoration and troubleshooting of motorcycles such as Harley-Davidson, Indian and Big V-Twin Customs and Italian cars such as Ferrari. Its dedicated client base wouldn’t take their pride and joy anywhere else, and the business has grown by word of mouth and referrals due to its high level of expertise and customer service.

“Never Seems Like A Business Transaction Because Of The Personal Touch. A Saturday At Cycleworx Is Like Hanging Out At Your Own Garage” ” — Paul, a customer

“I’ve had two bikes built there, and the first things that stand out from everybody else is the quality of work and the atmosphere; Angelo is like a brother,” says customer Paul Vijayasingham. “It never seems like a business transaction because of the personal touch. A Saturday at Cycleworx is like hanging out at your own garage.”

Cycleworx has grown to become a one-stop shop conveniently located three minutes from major roadways such as highways 400, 407 and 7. It does complete design and custom-builds, restorations, repairs, tune-ups, diagnostics, motor works, troubleshooting, fabrications, paint and bodyworks, and even offers pickup services for motorcycles.

For a certified licensed mechanic like DiPardo, the pride of craftsmanship and care he takes in his services are always handled personally. “For me, it’s not about the money. It’s more about the passion — that’s my definition of success,” he says. “I like working with my hands and building things. I like challenges and fixing problems and creating something out of nothing until it all comes together.”

“It’s the personal level DiPardo brings to his work,” adds another customer, Nat Pietrangelo. “He’s very welcoming and upfront as a shop owner and doesn’t try to up-sell anything. His repeat business is a testament to his relationships, which go such a long way with his customers.”

His character traits, which so impress his customers, are also reflected in other ways. As a tribute to the wife of a friend who had been diagnosed with cancer, Cycleworx built out a beautiful custom bike, aptly named Pinky-Up to tour it at shows and raise cancer awareness. The award-winning bike design has been shown at the Hospital for Sick Children and many community events and always solicits a very emotional response. So much for that “tough biker” stereotype.

DiPardo gets a great deal of satisfaction out of his work, and there are special moments which mean so much to him, such as going for a ride with his employees and customers after work. Or some evenings he’ll work late into the night, tinkering on a project, and customers may drop by.

“Having conversations with my customers at night when they come by and I’m building a bike are very special,” says DiPardo. “Sometimes they’ll bring their kids, and it becomes more like a night out than working.”

Here is a man who adores his work, and that is why his customers are so faithful to Cycleworx Custom Motorcycles.

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