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This astonishing and jaw dropping festival is taking place in Amsterdam. The INSIDE World Festival of Interiors stems from the World Architecture Festival, and is a feast of creativity, inspiration and knowledge for the interiors industry.

Exquisite interiors that cater to our Instagram-frenzied culture are a must in today’s digital world. Cue the 2019 INSIDE World Festival of Interiors, featuring the most “Insta-friendly” designs from around the globe.

At the 12th annual INSIDE festival, worldwide venues vie to create the most Insta-worthy designs to take home their respective awards in these categories:

  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Civic, Culture and Transportation Creative Re-use
  • Display
  • Health and Education Hotels
  • Offices
  • Residential
  • Retail

This year’s INSIDE festival will take place in Amsterdam from December 4–6 and will be scored by professional designers, editors and other architectural gurus from around the world. From the aforementioned categories, the shortlisted participants will showcase their designs to a panel of international judges, then the winner will be deemed with the World Interior of the Year Award. This highly esteemed accolade will be presented on December 6 at the Festival’s Gala Dinner.

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The INSIDE World Festival of Interiors stems from the World Architecture Festival, which judges interiors from world-class designers and adjusts the scope to the modern age of social media.

“INSIDE has been a growing part of the overall World Architecture Festival program since 2012 and continues to grow in terms of quantity and quality,” says Paul Finch, World Architecture Festival director. “We are delighted with the intriguing designs and geographical spread of this year’s entries and look forward to the live judging in Amsterdam.”

Some of the early top contenders in the Bars and Restaurants sector include Copenhagen, Denmark’s Noma restaurant, which features greenhouse themes and a culinary village. Another is Manhattan, N.Y.’s Büro Ole Scheeren, which will display a fast-food setting that highlights a white Corian and steel centrepiece, celebrating the artistic factors in the food industry.

Another category to be on the lookout for is Civic, Culture and Transportation. Some featured themes will include a library that showcases Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which can be found in Singapore. Another is a beautifully adorned wedding chapel in Japan in the shape of a glass cloud.

To learn more about the INSIDE World Festival of Interiors and to see more of the contenders, visit its website at

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