La Nony FAMILI: Country Splendour

Quebec-based architectural design studio La Nony FAMILI unveils the McPherson Residence, a mid- century-inspired country home in the heart of the province’s Eastern Townships.

Quebec’s Eastern Townships have long been among the most beautiful and romantic areas of Canada. With rolling hills and mountains, lush forests and sparkling lakes, the Townships are also dotted with charming villages and outstanding homes which honour the area’s history while embracing modern architectural excellence.

It is here in Knowlton in the province’s Lac-Brome region, in the heart of the Townships, where noted architectural design studio La Nony FAMILI has unveiled its latest masterpiece, the McPherson Residence, a renovated mid- century-inspired home.

The home’s buyers were searching for a residence in the Eastern Townships when they discovered the grand 395-square-metre mid-century-inspired gem and turned to the creative brilliance of La Nony FAMILI to revamp the interior, a project completed in 2022.

La Nony FAMILI (“The Nony Family”) stands out as a creative design studio that takes a human-centred approach, paying particular attention to flow, light and details, both aesthetic and functional. The firm’s Fred Nony and Aza Lussier are particularly known for their ability to solve spatial challenges and for working in collaboration with their clients to understand their lifestyle and how they live their daily lives in order to create personalized, carefully crafted residential spaces for them.

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This collaborative method places their clients’ needs at the core of the creative process. The designers work with their clients to find solutions that please them — usually beyond their expectations — and are designed and built to withstand the test of time.

Open, Light And Bright, The Home Draws Inspiration From The Original Home’s Striking Architectural Elements And Breathes In And Embraces Its Beautiful Natural Surroundings.

Based in the Eastern Townships, La Nony FAMILIA has a deep appreciation and knowledge of the area. The studio has developed expertise over time in extensive renovations and new construction of country houses and chalets, while also undertaking projects in Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec.

The McPherson Residence pays homage to the modern style of the mid-20th century while fully embracing today. Through precise interventions and thoughtful considerations of forms and high- quality materials, La Nony FAMILI transformed the space into a home that is chic, functional and welcoming.

One is immediately struck by how open, light and bright the home is, breathing in and embracing its beautiful natural surroundings. At the same time, it draws inspiration from the striking elements of the existing architecture, which established the project’s guiding principles of both functionality and design.

La Nony FAMILI focused its expertise at the McPherson Residence primarily on decoration and furnishings, with the exception of the bathrooms and kitchen, which required substantial work. Overall, the designers’ minimalist, functional, modernist theme blends straight lines and curves and contrasting colours and textures.

A main feature of the expansive residence is its floor-to-ceiling wood- framed windows, which bring in an abundance of natural light. To highlight these impressive windows and enhance the home’s connection with its stunning surrounding landscape, the exterior walls were painted in light tones and left almost bare. In contrast, wood and warm tones predominate in the furniture and décor choices, which creates a captivating contrast between the outer envelope and the warm, cozy interior.

The La Nony FAMILI design team custom-designed most of the furniture for the home and cleverly integrated the ample storage volumes so that they do not clutter the space. The remaining furnishings and accessories were carefully selected from renowned, mostly Canadian, manufacturers, including Perez Furniture, with lighting selections from Anony and Luminaire Authentik.

Mindful of the environmental impact of their choices, the designers retained the McPherson Residence’s original appliances and cabinets, replacing only the façades and countertops. Custom oversized handles, a new kitchen island and a distinctive mosaic wall completed the kitchen transformation.

One of the most captivating features of La Nony FAMILI’s design work at the McPherson Residence was its selection of the custom furniture in the living spaces. The studio chose pieces made from American cherry, a locally- sourced but rarely used wood, whose rich, reddish-brown hue warms and energizes these living areas. Adding an extra touch of refinement was La Nony FAMILI’s selection of walnut, selected for the more intimate spaces because of its elegance and depth.

Whether for enjoying a brisk cross-country ski or a warm brandy after a spring sugaring-off, for hearing the call of distant loons welcoming another warm summer morning or for picking apples in autumn, the Townships are a treasured part of the grand Canadian backyard. The creativity, imagination and artistry of La Nony FAMILI has transformed the McPherson Residence into a gracefully stylish home that is perfect for enjoying the idyllic lifestyle of Quebec’s Eastern Townships, whatever the season — country splendour at its very best!

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Rick Muller

Rick Muller