Curù Skin: A Mediterranean Love Story To Healthy Skin

Founder of Toronto-based Curù Skin, Melodie Padula is leaving her Sicilian touch on the beauty and wellness industry.

Growing up, Melodie Padula’s struggle with her sensitive skin was uncomfortable and frustrating. But as time passed, she channelled that battle into an intense passion for science and natural wellness. Determined to discover a natural, healthy, harm-free skin product, she turned to her Sicilian roots.

She spent many of her childhood summers in Sicily with her family and always knew that fresh fruits and herbs grew there in abundance, and that there was an intimate connection between her family’s rustic Mediterranean diet and their health.

She proceeded to educate herself about the plants native to Sicily, Italy’s hot, sunny, most southerly region. Their ingredients have been used for centuries and been discovered to contain unique phytonutrients that can nourish the skin. This led Padula to create her company, Curù Skin, and its featured product, After Sun Facial Oil. It is a skin oil inspired by Sicilian botanical traditions and formulated to repair and hydrate sun-kissed skin.

Within weeks of the After Sun Facial Oil’s debut it sold out online, and ever since, it’s been a highly sought-after self-care pick.

“When I sold out after that first summer, it was amazing. The feedback from the customers till this day is just overwhelmingly positive,” says Padula.

Padula adds, “This is geared toward both men and women, although my customer base is about 75% women. My intention is for it to be a product where a husband or boyfriend sees it on their girlfriend’s counter and they won’t hesitate to use it.”

Curù Skin launched in 2021 with the After Sun Facial Oil, available online and in-store at all Health Hut locations. Today, it provides its users luxurious everyday skincare, introducing to Canada the best of Italian botanical traditions and the values of Italian excellence, style and quality craftsmanship that can be felt in every drop.

At the heart of Padula’s mission is her determination to continue to promote cross-border collaborations between Italy and Canada. Her unwavering commitment to delivering 100% active, organic, naturally coloured and naturally scented ingredients supported by modern scientific research was so impactful that in 2023 BESTMEDGRAPE awarded Curù Skin for its sustainable practices and ingredient innovation.

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Marc Castaldo

Marc Castaldo