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It’s been 26 years since Tara Greene chose to pursue psychic tarot reading professionally. Greene is a well-known Toronto-based psychic for corporate events, private parties and other special events. “What I like to do is to help empower you, so you actually have all the answers to whatever it is you need to know about and I’m just being the interpreter.” Greene uses tarot cards or astrology throughout her readings. “You’re a counsellor really, when you do this kind of work. I’ve seen people make huge changes and have big advancements in their lives.”

Q. What was it like having this gift as a young child? Did you inherit the ability?
A. I think all children are really open, so it’s natural for everyone to be psychic. But the world tells you that “a chair is a chair” and it can’t be anything else. I don’t believe that the gift has to run in a family, because we reincarnate from different races, religions and sexes all the time. My aunt used to talk to her dead mother all the time, so to me, she was the only one I could really relate to. But I realized I was seeing too much and I just had to shut down, because I didn’t really have anyone at 12 years old. My big fear was that I was “crazy” or that people thought I was. My parents were always threatening to take me to a mental institution because they thought I was nuts. Society just doesn’t have an openness for people who are naturally psychic.

“You’re a counsellor really, when you do this kind of work. I’ve seen people make huge changes and have big advancements in their lives”

Q. How do you cleanse yourself of the energies you take on?
A. I always use lavender oil. I never go to sleep at night without having lavender oil on my third eye, which protects you from negative energies. We’re very sensitive. My husband’s also very psychic; we feel energies come in the house. Smudging is important, I sprinkle water, I do banishings in the house. If I do this regularly I feel like the house is protected. I do take on a lot — it is pretty exhausting, honestly.

Q. Predictions for 2017?
A. It’s a number one year numerologically 2=0=1=7 =10=1. That is the symbol of the 1st card in the Tarot called The Magician. Yes, Harry Potter fans, our minds are everyone’s magical wands or tools to use with focussed intention. The Magician symbolizes our minds, our abilities to be conscious and to communicate and it is also the Planet Mercury. It is literally a new ten year cycle. The hallmark of this year is to stay focused and not get polarized as we see in the news and in the world, as Mercury and our brains have a dualistic nature.

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