Q&A with Julian Gleizer, Founder of InstaBuggy

So you ran out of eggs for breakfast but you want to spend your Sunday lounging in your pajamas. What to do? Order them on InstaBuggy!

CL: What inspired the InstaBuggy concept?
Julian Gleizer: I was working 12- to 15-hour days. After the end of my workday, I would have to go to the grocery store to buy everyday essentials. I reached a point where I thought to myself, “I wish there was a way to get my groceries but not have to physically go to the store. Just order them and have them brought to me at home so that I could have that extra hour to myself.” There was a company that had this type of grocery-delivery service, but they deliver your groceries within two days. I wanted something faster. That’s how I came up with the concept of InstaBuggy.

CL: How does it work?
JG: InstaBuggy connects the grocer to the customer. You enter your postal code, all the stores near you pop up and you can choose one of our grocery store partners within the area. We have partners from discount stores, mid-priced stores and high-end stores. Once you place your grocery orders, a picker-packer makes the best choices for your groceries. Once the groceries are picked, they are given to an InstaBuggy driver who then brings it to your home, guaranteed to be delivered within an hour.

CL: What makes InstaBuggy different than other services and applications like it?
JG: There are not any services like InstaBuggy. We are the only app that delivers your order within an hour, most deliver within two days. We also are the only app that allows you to shop multiple stores from many different price ranges. Most apps require you to shop at one particular store that they have a partnership with. We give you options and delivery within a timely manner. Let’s say you wake up and realize you don’t have bacon and eggs in the fridge but you want to stay in your pajamas and make breakfast InstaBuggy will send you what you need within an hour.

CL: What’s one thing you really want people to know about InstaBuggy?
JG: A lot of people like the conventional way of buying groceries because they can guarantee the best products are brought home. They think that if they go through an online service, they will receive a bruised apple or cracked egg. With InstaBuggy, our quality of service and products combined are just as good as you going out and picking the items yourself. The groceries that arrive to your door are impeccable quality. You wouldn’t choose a bruised apple, so neither would we.

CL: Can you share any exciting news regarding InstaBuggy?
JG: Right now we are making it a goal to implement an in-store pricing model. Right now we have a small convenience fee, but we are working toward eliminating that. We will also be expanding our grocery store selection to give you more choices in the near future.


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