Zilli Home Interiors: Putting Joy In The Home Design Experience

Since 2009, the design consultants of Zilli Home Interiors have worked with homeowners, designers and industry professionals to select the perfect interior design pieces that balance functionality, spacing and personality, making a house a home.

Designing your home with personalized furnishings and decorative touches can be one of the most exciting parts of home ownership. And it can be made even more pleasurable and comforting if experts like Zilli Home Interiors are alongside you in making these important and sometimes intimidating design decisions.

For the past 11 years, discerning homeowners, designers and industry professionals from Vaughan, Ont., and across the GTA have relied upon the design advice and wide selection of stylish pieces made available at the 22,000-square-foot Zilli Home Interiors store, located at 672 Chrislea Rd. in Woodbridge, Ont.

Founder and owner Natalie Papia is blessed with an innate sense of design and style, as well as empathy for the pressures and stress that sometimes come with selecting pieces in designing a home, and she and her team of design consultants are always available to offer helpful advice.

“Starting to select pieces is always hard, as you want to invest in something special [that] is going to last you a long time, but your budget doesn’t always allow for that,” says Papia. “One of the recommendations we have is, if you’re going to invest in a few quality pieces, start with a sofa, a kitchen table and a bed. Those are the pieces [for which] I recommend you invest in better-quality products that are timeless and can last a long time.”

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While those pieces are necessities, Papia says décor staples that personalize your space are the finishing touches. By adding a personal touch with your favourite artwork, area rug and a few carefully curated accessories, you can make your house feel like a home. She also advises to take your time and enjoy the experience. By adding pieces to your home slowly, the home becomes a reflection of your lifestyle, your travels and you as an individual.

“There are a few important things to consider when shopping for home décor: functionality, spacing and personality,” says Papia. “Function refers to what do you need, what is the purpose, who will be using it and how often. Spacing refers to the size of the room and how much furniture you already have. And last but not least, your personality needs to shine through in your pieces: consider colour, style and what makes you happy.”

Being a proud Italian may explain Papia’s bias for her favourite room in the home. “The kitchen — for so many reasons,” she says without hesitation. “I love cooking and baking, using new and interesting ideas with whatever is in season and fresh, and cooking with my family, as we all get in there together with different dishes. Best of all, I love sitting down together at the end of a long day, enjoying dinner and great conversation with my husband and three teenagers.”

Like every business, the pandemic has pivoted Zilli Home Interiors in new directions. The move toward working from home is making a big impact, as homes are now lived in 24 hours a day, and therefore, functionality and design need to come together.

“We Take Great Pride In Offering Quality, Service And Fashion-leading Home Furnishings”

“Our website is fully accessible for online shopping, plus it’s updated weekly with new arrivals and floor model specials,” says Papia. “We also have a Live Chat feature for quick answers, and we’ve introduced an e-design service, where clients can interact with our design consultants virtually for any space planning or design ideas.” It all points to continued success for Zilli Home Interiors in servicing its loyal clientele. “We take great pride in offering quality, service and fashion-leading home furnishings,” says Papia. “We are strong, we are fierce and we are ready for the next challenge.”
672 Chrislea Rd., Woodbridge, Ont.


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