Villanova College

A Catholic, Augustinian school passionate about the education of young people.

Thirty-three serene acres of King City landscape comprise the campus of Villanova College. It’s a view as brilliant and as pristine as the student body of the school — the only independent Catholic school in York Region, and one of the few in the country to follow the Augustinian teaching tradition.

“The core Augustinian values are unity, truth and love,” says Paul Paradiso, president of Villanova College. “They live in community, which is similar to what we experience here. This school becomes the students’ second home — their second family.”

Villanova College was first brought to life as an alternative to the publicly funded Catholic education system in Ontario, creating a learning space where young people could blossom into independent, intellectual and caring adults. In its 17 years of existence, the school itself has also thrived, and now carries the gentle prestige that comes with being one of the most celebrated educational institutions in the country.

Educating children from Grades 4 through 12, Villanova College has crafted a learning experience that’s unique from most other schools, not only through its Augustinian roots but also through its incredibly high standards in academia. As a university preparatory school, Villanova College boasts Advanced Placement courses as well as STEM (sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics), a program tailored for students planning to pursue those particular areas of study. Villanova College’s intimate class sizes allow students to get well acquainted with their teachers, whom Paradiso says are, at the end of the day, there to serve the students’ academic needs. The Villanova College Diploma requires a higher grade average in students’ core courses than what is needed to attain the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. And finally, the school challenges students to get involved both inside the classroom and outside of it by finding the extracurricular activity that exercises their talents, whether their outlet of choice is music, drama, sports or another niche.

Villanova students also participate in the school’s many social outreach endeavours, from Sandwich Patrol (wherein students and their teacher chaperones trek to downtown Toronto to feed and engage with the less fortunate) to projects with Habitat for Humanity, to mission trips to Ecuador.

The long-standing success of Villanova College is a testament to its distinctive approach to shaping young minds and young hearts. The school is known to produce graduates who are, as Paradiso says, “better students and better people.”

The school’s esteem stems from more than just its polished uniforms, manicured property and quality curriculum. It’s also evident in the spirit of the school community and its dedication to using elevated intellect to make the world a better place.

Villanova College
2480 15th Sideroad, King City, Ont.

photo by Carlos A. Pinto

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