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Actor Jonathan Sadowski shares his thoughts on perseverance, passion and a surprise proposal to his fiancée.

CL: Congratulations. Young & Hungry got picked up for another two seasons. Does this mean you’ll be working all winter?
JS: Thank you. Yeah, we are back on set November 30 and we will be shooting until June. I can’t wait to get back to work; right now we’re on hiatus. Today I was sitting with the president of our network and I was like, “Put me back to work already!”

CL: What’s it like working on the Young & Hungry set?
JS: We have a lot of fun. The first season was spent getting to know one another. Now that we are going into the third and fourth seasons, we do not hold back. Let’s just put it this way: if someone’s stomach is hurting — it’s no secret. We have a lot of fun together on set. We record in front of a live audience, which also adds to the excitement. We feed off of the crowd’s energy.

CL: Your character, Josh, has a back-and-forth relationship with his personal chef Gabi. The two characters seem as though they are never on the same page with their feelings. In the season 2 finale, we see Gabi share a kiss with Josh’s brother. Can you give me some insight as to what is going to happen between Gabi and Josh this season?
JS: No! [Laughs]. Honestly, I have not seen any scripts yet. I’m as eager to find out as you guys are. The writers definitely have something brewing.

CL: You delivered such an elaborate proposal to your fiancée, Melissa, on the set of Young & Hungry. While you and your co-star exchanged lines in a scene, your lines suddenly turned into professing your love to Melissa in front of a live studio audience. A lot of thought was put into that. Did anyone help you plan it or was that your own idea?
JS: That was an original Jonathan Sadowski idea. It’s funny because I was designing this ring and the jeweller would come to set every day with different stones and settings for me to pick. Then the cast would start coming into my dressing room at lunch to help me pick, so I would have a bunch of people in my room with these lavish rings on their fingers trying to help me pick out the perfect one.

CL: Your fiancée is stylist Melissa Lynn. Would you say you dress better since she came into the picture?
JS: My day-to-day is pretty simple. I’m very much a T-shirt and jeans kind of guy. Melissa styles me for all of my photo shoots and events, and my outfits have definitely gone up in quality. It’s cool that we get to work together.

CL: You have said many times that acting doesn’t feel like work to you because you love it so much. Tell me one thing you don’t love about being an actor.
JS: I’m very stringent in regards to time management. Sometimes when you’re on set you will be sitting there for 16 hours, but you won’t even shoot, which can be frustrating. Waiting around is the nature of the business, there’s not much you can do about it. I understand it, though — sometimes things come up that cause delays.

CL: In your early career you went through some tough financial times as a young, struggling actor. You said your mom even had to forge your car insurance just so you could drive to auditions. What would you tell other young actors that are in the same position as you were?
JS: Do not give up! I promise it will all be worthwhile. Every person that said “no” to you, or every toilet you had to scrub … when you get your break, that’s what makes it so much sweeter. For me, it was three years that I was going at it.

Every person that said ‘no’ to you, or every toilet you had to scrub … when you get your break, that’s what makes it so much sweeter

— Jonathan Sadowski

CL: Did you have any doubts or temptation to settle for a steadier career?
JS: When I was in college, my major was originally finance. I think I was scared to take the plunge into a career in the arts. In my sophomore year, I decided to take the plunge and changed my major to acting. From that point on, I never had any doubts. I never thought, “Is it going to happen for me?” I always thought, “When is it going to happen for me?”

CL: Do you miss anything about your early days as a struggling actor?
JS: A lot of actors complain about auditioning, but I really can’t picture my life without it. Even being on a show, I miss auditioning. I think I’m a bit addicted to the uncertainty and the competition of it all.

CL: Your parents are from two different cultures: your mother is Italian, your father is Polish. What are some of your qualities that are very Italian and what are some qualities that are very Polish?
JS: Funnily enough, both cultures are very similar. They’re both hot-blooded, stubborn people! I’m very stubborn, I’m a control freak, and I’m a hothead! I definitely get my sense of humour from my family. I have never fought with anyone harder than I have with my family and I have never laughed harder with anyone.

CL: Name one movie you saw that you wish you could have been in.
JS: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. I love that movie’s absurdist, corky humour. It’s my favourite film of all time. I’m a big fan of director Wes Anderson.

CL: Where do you see your career in 10 years?
JS: Busier than what it is right now. I love being busy. Right now Young & Hungry is on hiatus, and I cannot wait to go back to work!

CL: What do you do when you’re on hiatus?
JS: Write! Writing is my passion. Right now I have an action-comedy TV show and a fantasy feature film in development. I have been writing for years. One of my first Hollywood paycheques was for a screenplay I wrote and sold.

CL: Where do you see your personal life in 10 years?
JS: In 10 years, I will have been happily married for a few years. Hopefully with two children … perhaps twins. Twins run in both Melissa’s family and mine.

CL: What are your hobbies?
JS: I love football and hockey. I’m a diehard Chicago Blackhawks fan. Lately I’ve really been into mixed martial arts. My favourite pastime has to be magic though. I’m a member of the Academy of Magical Arts at the Magic Castle here in Hollywood. You should come and check it out sometime!

CL: Young & Hungry was nominated for Best Cable TV Comedy at the 2015 People’s Choice Awards. Congratulations! How did it feel to hear that?
JS: I was pretty stoked about it. We were all together at a meeting with the network and afterward our PR representative received an email saying we were nominated! This was big; the People’s Choice Awards encompasses all demographics. It speaks volumes about what we are trying to do and about the people we are connecting with, and that they would even consider us for an award like that. It was awesome news.


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