Jenna Caira: Beauty Tailored To you

As Laser Clinics Canada opens its doors across the country, the focus is on customized beauty. We deliver the results people desire. Our goal is to provide personalized treatment plans to help clients look and feel their best — just in time for summer.

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all beauty. That’s why Laser Clinics Canada is committed to customized treatments for every client, a beauty tailored to you approach, addressing a wide range of goals. “It’s not just about enhanced beauty: we can target other things like acne scars, for instance, or other issues that people had growing up that they have had to carry into their adult lives,” says Jenna Caira, head of franchise recruitment at Laser Clinics Canada. “Our services are more affordable, and that is getting more Canadians greater accessibility to each treatment — but they’re still getting world-class treatments at our clinics,” she adds.

Caira, a former Olympian (as a member of Canada’s women’s national softball team, she helped Canada win a bronze medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics), knows how important it is to feel good about yourself. And that’s why she is so excited about some of the treatments at the clinic, with the first one in Canada opening here just this past February in Richmond Hill, Ont., at Hillcrest Mall. With summer on the way, state-of-the art medical-grade equipment for laser hair removal treatments can support different hair and skin types. “We provide a wide range of treatments and services using industry-leading, medical-grade equipment in our clinics,” says Caira.

But the clinic offers more than just laser treatments. “I know that the word ‘laser’ is in our name, but we have much more than just laser hair removal,” says Caira. Some of the most common treatments include cosmetic injectables, microdermabrasion and LED light treatments to target concerns about everything from enlarged pores and rosacea to pigmentation and wrinkles. One of the most popular treatments at the clinic is the HydraFacial, which cleanses, hydrates and delivers powerful antioxidants to counteract damage from the sun, pollution and stress.

Before a plan is put forth for each client, everyone gets a free private consultation to talk about their concerns and interests. Caira highlights the fact that a Medical Advisory Committee overlooks all the treatments available, along with the doctors, nurse practitioners and trained therapists administering treatments. “Clients can feel more comfortable coming in, knowing there is a professional Medical Advisory Committee overseeing the treatments and services offered in our clinics,” she adds.

With more than 180 clinics, Laser Clinics Group is the largest cosmetic clinic group worldwide. There are big plans, including opening more than a dozen clinics in Canada this year. It’s a franchise business model with many growth opportunities. “If there are entrepreneurs out there who are interested in this industry, with great leadership skills and business expertise and they’re passionate about helping others, then I would encourage them to get in touch with us,” says Caira. Going into business alone can be intimidating, she adds, but that is the beauty of having the support that comes with their franchise business model. “We make sure that we are working together as a team,” she says.

“It’s a welcoming environment,” says Caira. “We have products, services and tailored beauty treatments for everyone; we’re offering services that deliver to the needs of everyday Canadians.” With a second clinic opening soon in Mississauga, Ont., people will have even more possibilities to get themselves ready for the summertime.

Hillcrest Mall, 9350 Yonge St., Unit D001
Richmond Hill, Ont.

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