Democratizing beauty & breaking down cosmetic injectables with Laser Clinics Canada

At Laser Clinics Canada, advanced beauty treatments are transparently priced, affordable, and tailored to each customer’s desired beauty goals. We learn more about the customized approach Laser Clinics Canada takes with its clients with cosmetic injector and nurse practitioner Shameeza Kassamali.

Q: When it comes to anti-wrinkle injectables, what are the most commonly treated areas?
A: Laser Clinics uses high-quality cosmetic injectable products that are minimally invasive, affordable and produce desired results that rejuvenate and enhance your best features. Common areas that people treat are the forehead, the frown lines, also known as “the angry 11s,” and crow’s feet around the eyes.

Q: Is there a difference between Botox and Dysport?
A: There are differences between the two, such as longevity and onset of action. However the results are similar in effect. It’s kind of like Tylenol. Tylenol is the brand name of acetaminophen, but you can also get other brands of the same medication. Just as acetaminophen is the medication component, botulinum toxin type A is the medication that is sold under different brand names like Botox and Dysport.

Q: How long does it take to see the results of Botox/Dysport?
A: You start to notice a difference anywhere from three to five days after your treatment. The full effect of results can be seen two weeks after treatment.

Q: How long does the treatment take?
A: The treatment itself, from consultation to treatment, takes about half an hour. During our complimentary consultation, it’s very important to our team that we go over the patient’s medical history. Patient safety and education is paramount to me and Laser Clinics Canada. Our goal is to ensure that clients have a good understanding of the treatment and have the facts they need to make a decision that is best for them. Treatment time becomes even less when you’re coming back for repeat treatments as your injector is already familiar with you and knows your treatment goals.

Q: How long will the results typically last?
A: It depends on a few individual factors, but on average it lasts anywhere from three to five months.

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Q: What’s the difference between anti- wrinkle (neuromodulators such as Botox and Dysport) vs. fillers?
A: They are completely different. Botox is more of an anti-wrinkle anti-aging treatment, so it works with the muscles to relax them and prevent them from being able to contract. By preventing the contraction, you then prevent the wrinkles from forming. Filler, on the other hand, is more of a volume-add. As we age, we experience volume loss, our fat pads become thinner, and so we use fillers to add volume and rejuvenate the face.

Q: Why are you so passionate about helping others look and feel their best? What is the most satisfying part of the work that you do?
A: I think everyone has their own version of what beauty means to them, and as their injector, it’s my job and mission to help
them look and feel their best. It’s a great feeling when clients who are apprehensive initially trust me for their treatment, and end up loving their results.

Q: What would you define as a successful experience for patients at LCC?
A: We often get lost in the versions of beauty that social media classifies as ideal, but it’s important to stay true to who you are, and my role is to create a treatment plan that is personal to you. The saying “Be your own kind of beautiful” says it best. We want everyone to feel beautiful in whatever capacity that is, and if we can help play any small part in that, then to us, that is a successful experience.

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