#FITSPIRATION at Integrity Fitness

While Paul Walker works on helping women build their bodies, he also helps them create a community at Integrity Fitness. This community focuses on women helping each other succeed, and expands so much further than the fitness classes he teaches.

It’s no surprise that Paul Walker has mastered the world of training women — just ask any of the 5,000 clients that he’s worked with in the 12 years he’s owned Integrity Fitness. Like most at the top of their game, Walker now wants to expand. On June 4, he will open his new facility at Langstaff and Weston roads, but his dream of building what he describes as a “fitness community” won’t stop there. He says the community he’s built is a place “where women can come in and be a part of something greater than just being skinny.”

“They can be part of something where they meet other people with the same interests and goals they have, and for two or three hours a week come in and achieve their goals, but more importantly bond with people with the same interests,” he says.

Armed with a new logo and an expanding philosophy, Walker is taking Integrity Fitness to the next level while still maintaining the values he’s built his fitness centre on. In addition to a new facility, Walker will be expanding and changing the programs he offers this summer while still keeping the foundation of his current classes. His goal? To bring Integrity to the next level of women’s fitness.

Michelle Qubti, a longtime client of Walker’s, says the way he caters to his clients is noticeable within the gym. “You won’t find a better trainer. He changes his programs to suit who he’s training and he adapts to whatever clientele he has. He makes sure everybody gets the best workout.” She adds that it is clear Walker selects his trainers to meet the needs of his clients, so every class is successful.

Both Fiorina Leoni and Carolina Faraone, clients who have also been members of Walker’s classes for years, echo Qubti’s sentiments. Faraone adds that she loves the women-only element because it encourages teamwork. “Everybody there, they are good teammates,” she says. “Everybody helps one another.”

Leoni says that Walker really understands the life of working women, saying that Integrity Fitness offers a wide selection of classes to fit all schedules. She adds that she also loves that the gym is designed for women. “It’s women helping women. You see some of the same people, or you see people doing a challenge, whether you know them or
you don’t know them, you see them getting results and you want to support them because they’re working hard.”

Walker, whose gym caters to a variety of different women’s lifestyles and fitness goals, says he hopes this community will grow with the introduction of a social club he will be creating. These groups will meet to speak about topics like supplements, back pain, intermittent fasting, weight training and more. Walker says that any topic women want to talk about will be open for discussion, and he will be bringing in experts to facilitate those discussions. “I just wanted to provide them unbiased information and avenues to help them meet their goals,” Walker says, adding that the groups will be completely free and open to anyone in the community.

“The goal is to bring women together with the knowledge, [and] the expert opinions or advice, to achieve those things,” he adds.

8000 Hwy. 27, Unit 1, Woodbridge, Ont.
905-851-7722 / paul@integrityfitness.ca

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