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With the chilly Toronto weather still in play, we are looking to escape to warmer tides. The perfect paradise is La Granja Ibiza, a retreat like none other in the Mediterranean. Set in Ibiza’s pastoral inlands and run in collaboration with Friends of a Farmer — an international association devoted to the cultivation of art, crops and inner gardens — this peaceful environment is the perfect escape for those looking for a journey to enlightenment.

Conveniently located just 25 minutes from the Ibiza Airport, and set in an ancient stone farmhouse situated on 10 hectares of secluded farmland, La Granja allows visitors to partake in various workshops that include guided meditation or talks on slow foods. Lectures on other topics related to farming, sustainability and urbanism foster a spirit of organic togetherness. Eat fresh foods from the farm and feel replenished and healed. Starting March 29 you can jet-set to this secluded location for some R&R, leave your tech behind, unplug and unwind while focusing on healing the mind, body and spirit.

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Bask in the sunshine and enjoy the new greenhouse and farm terraces, the perfect place for “guests to partake in the bounty of the land through a seasonal food concept that evolves naturally, week-to-week.” The philosophy of living off the land is particularly important to La Granja: “We eat what comes from the farm.” The offerings include fresh eggs daily from the property’s native black chickens, while chef José Catrimán’s recipes delight the palate. Here visitors live on a Mediterranean diet, not just in the actual food, but in the way they eat, coming together at a communal table and enjoying one another’s company as they partake in fresh, organic food that nourishes patrons in their entirety.

The beautiful property is “marked by classical Iberian architecture and traces of Moorish influences.” There are a variety of options in terms of accommodations, each “featuring arched walls and dark-wood beamed ceilings and doors, accented by hammered iron doorknobs and fixtures.” The largest accommodation is a guesthouse option located 50 metres from the farmhouse. Inside the farmhouse there are a few more options with private suites, garden- and terrace-view rooms, and intimate rooms that sleep two. However, with views this spectacular, any accommodation is sure to please. The decision to “convert the once-private residence was more an act of preservation than of transformation. Dreimeta design studio highlighted the structure’s weather-worn imperfections, imbuing the space with an aching elegance” and creating the boutique experience of a lifetime.

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