7 Festival Trends We’re Trying this Summer (and You Should Too!)

If you’re reading this, you’re more than likely going to at least one festival this summer (let us guess — Wayhome? Osheaga? The Governors Ball? Lollapalooza?!). Which means that, like us, you probably started daydreaming about your festival ensembles months ago. This year, we’re already seeing an exciting, eccentric mishmash of new and old trends, from new, non-offensive headdresses (yay!) to pretty body chains. Check out our seven favourites and try them out when you’re festival-bound!

1. Temporary Tattoos
They’ve been around for a while, but new Toronto brand Inkbox has reinvented the temporary tattoo to make it way chicer, and a lot less messy. Inkbox’s repertoire is stuffed with beautiful designs that’ll go perfectly with your floral crop tops, flower crowns and gladiator sandals. Plus, they last the whole weekend.
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2. Quirky Crowns
We love these because they’re not the completely overdone flower crown (although we still love you, delicate daisy circles), nor are they the super-offensive Native American-inspired headdress. The colourful concept was sparked by designer Lucia Echavarria’s collection “Magnetic Midnight.” Bonus: While you can order one, they also look like a fun DIY.
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3. Crystal Jewellery
Healing crystals have been all the rage in earthy circles forever, but the trend has broken into the mainstream. Known for their connectivity to the different chakras, they make you feel as beautiful on the inside as they do on the outside. And since handmade is the best way to go, we suggest you check out jewellery designer Tanesia Thompson, who crafted these too-cute necklaces topped with tiny terrariums.
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4. Falsa Blankets
Blankets have always been a festival staple — perfect for your picnics, midday naps and snuggling up by the fire at night. Falsa-style blankets our breath away with their cosy look and feel. And we especially love the blanket carriers made by online boutique Ladea, which make it possible to bring yours with you literally everywhere. *Clapping emoji*
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5. Body Chains
Body chains have become the vessel through which we channel our inner boho goddesses, both on the festival grounds and out and about on every summer day. You can opt for a super-simple one that emanates quaint elegance, or don an elaborately opulent one that draws all eyes. We love the ones crafted at Toronto jewellery boutique Anice, like this one here.
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6. Embroidered and Patched Denim
This OG festival trend (think Woodstock) has resurfaced over the last few years, and we’re glad it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. From embroidered florals to ironed-on patches with fun messages, this trend adds character to your festival ensemble.
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7. Slip Dresses
Welcome back to the ‘90s. You may feel at first like you’re wearing lingerie (isn’t everyone at festivals?), but you’ll get used to it once you feel the lightness of these soft, dreamy frocks, which let you move and dance with a bit more freedom. And cuteness.
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