Smoky Roads At Dusk with MUD Makeup

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and a look is worth a thousand words — hold on to the mystery a little longer. A sultry smoky eye can be the perfect finish to your evening glam, complementing the most sophisticated ensembles.

1. Black Eye Pencil
The perfect base to a fabulous smoky eye

2. Smudger Brush #810
The round shape is ideal for blending eye colour or liner

3. Cheek Color in Gingerbread
A sheer, warm brown cheek color with a subtle shimmer

4. Maple Lip Pencil
Pigment-rich Lip Pencils define with precision

5. Mudslide Sheer Lipstick
A versatile shade that pops on all skin tones

6. Powder Blush Brush, #710
Dense, dome-shaped brush bristles are soft to the touch

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Creative Director: Maja Kešelj
Photography: Peter Giodani
Photography Assistant: Andrew Glover
Photography Coordinators: Michelle Pavacic @ MUD LA,
Kailyn Sciberras @ MUD LA, Tom Ostergard
Makeup Artist: Shanna Cistulli @ MUD LA
Makeup used: MUD LA
Hair: Allia Arite
Makeup Supervisor: Francine Reich @ MUD LA
Styling: Sarah Kinsumba
Stylist Assistant: Eugenia Gamero
Model: Sadie @ LA Models
Shooting Location: Club Ed Movie Set, Lancaster, California

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Rebecca Alberico

Rebecca Alberico

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