Last Word: food, fashion and design

With food, fashion and design, City Life has you covered.

1. PIERCED METAL SPHERE: This perforated design pendant light sparkles in any room.

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2. BRIO SODA: Bubbly bittersweet but always delightfully refreshing.

3. SOPHISTICATION: A casually stylish look for almost any occasion.

4. FOR THE HALIBUT: Pan-seared fillet, tomato confit and olive salsa.

5. DESIGN FORWARD: Pine Valley — a masterful ravine community of exquisite detached homes.

6. EYE CANDY: Feast on a treat that just can’t be beat.

7. SIMPLY SWEET: All-natural ingredients create a tasty collection of gluten-free, low-carb breads for breakfast.

8. SAVOURY DELIGHTS: A day with pastry is a day enjoyed.

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Rick Muller

Rick Muller