Who Needs Cupid?

Shoot your own arrow this Valentine’s Day with carefully curated selections from City Life.

Valentine’s Day is a day of giving as much as it is receiving. This holiday, celebrate the occasion with your loved one by giving them the gift they would least expect. Surprises include a planned night out, sweet treats for dessert and rare, one-of-a-kind items that they will remember for a lifetime.

Art Is Love
The AGO’s Valentine’s Day-themed activities take place from Feb. 13 to 18, with special tours that contain a hint of romance, shareable eats and giftable sweets

Totally My Type
Bring home a new member of family

Sweet Tooth
Sugarfina’s scrumptious candies come in a multitude of unique flavours, suited to every palate

Gotta Go Fast
The Acura NSX supercar is back for those want to live life in the fast lane

Eat Your Heart Out
Edible Arrangements carefully curates the ideal selection for your loved one

A Baker’s Dozen
Healthy baked goods from the family at Sorelle and Co.

Be satisfied with this delicious octopus dish and more from 255 by Alta Rossa Ristorante

Wedding Season
Give your partner the gift they will never forget with one of these gorgeous rings

Lucky in Love
La Strada Bakery creates one-of-a-kind cakes to commemorate the occasion

Continental Noodles’ homemade pasta comes in special Valentine’s Day varieties

Tailored Style
Get yourself a custom suit and look fly for your date

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