Naughty or Nice?

Couture, accessories and delicious chocolate — the theme this holiday season is Treat Yourself.


1. Centrepiece: Cynthia Rowley decorative lollipops
4. Trip to Paris: Scented Eiffel Tower sachet
5. Plushy in Plaid: Fashionable mouse plushy
7. Shoot for the Stars: Marble stars
8. Getting A-Head: Bust of a woman’s head
12. Mouthwatering Marvels: Sumptuous Godiva truffles
21. Make a Wish: Star necklace
24. Uncorked: Silver-crafted corkscrew
25. Ear Hop: Pink frog earmuffs


2. Watch This: Matt Hranek’s A Man & His Watch
6. Herbivores Only: Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Vegetarian

Call it Spring

3. Moonwalker: Rigori metallic boots
15. 90s Grunge: Polosko mid boots

Native Union

10. Bite the Apple: Native Union’s Apple dock


13. zDelectable: Assorted luxury chocolates

Pura Botanicals

14. Keep it Pura: Botanical hand cream by Pura


9. Scent-sual Delights: Oojra’s fragrant oil diffusers


11,18. Luxury Lace: Frilly red and black florals from Wacoal


16. Greek Goddess: Eau de Rhubarbe Écarlate by Hermès


17. Wake Up: Keurig’s espresso maker

Alpha Alpine

19. Good Vibrations: Alpine’s high-performing headphones

Alpha Industries

20. Rosy Red: Alpha Industries winter jackets

Stühmer Chocolate

22. Savoury Stühmer: Stühmer Chocolate’s delicious rainbow


23. Special Delivery: Clicq’Call records a message to go with your champagne


26. Winter Formal: Zara’s gold jacket with pink shirt

CXBO Chocolate

27. Bon-Bonne: CXBO’s award-winning chocolate

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