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The recurring theme running through all of Landen Wakil’s films is the classic underdog story. His characters are often displaced and have had difficult childhoods. This motif continues in Some Place Better Than Here.

Some Place Better Than Here was initially imagined as a screenplay named Thunder Road, inspired by Bruce Springsteen lyrics. Unable to produce the film, Wakil made a short film for Thunder Road and posted it on his YouTube channel (alongside a documentary about casting and filming it). Wakil then took to the open-source novel creator WattPad and crafted his script into a novel.

Some Place Better Than Here
is a coming-of-age tale that pokes and prods the audience to be candid observers of the inherent wrongs of the world and the damage and abuse which, although it may happen behind closed doors, could be observed by any passerby who cares to take a moment’s interest. All is framed through the mind of two disgruntled teenagers. In a reflection of society’s moral and ethical mishaps, Some Place Better Than Here allows us to explore the inner workings of misguided and broken people, the struggle of burgeoning adulthood and the pangs of residing in a small town.

Other Books to Read…

1. Perennial young- adult author John Green has released his seventh book. Turtles All the Way Down is a deeply personal story that depicts the experience of living with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), a mental illness that Green has dealt with since childhood.

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2. Ingenious explores detailed accounts of what events and insights were the inspiration for famous Canadian inventions. From early First Nations inventors all the way to the people formulating ideas and products today, Ingenious presents a beautiful tapestry of the cultural mosaic, diversity and ingenuity Canada has become known for.

3. Esteemed non-fiction author Bruce Henderson pens the tale of six out of the 1,985 young Jewish men who escaped from Nazi Germany during the Second World War, subsequently joined and trained with the U.S. Army, and went back into Nazi Germany as valuable assets in the field.

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