Noah Cappe on the Tasteful Side of the Entertainment Industry

City Life sat down with Noah Cappe, the host of Food Network’s Carnival Eats, to discuss his experience in the entertainment industry and get an inside look at where he spends his time when he’s not on the road.

Interviewed By Victoria Scott

It is time to round up the family, sit tight and be ready to satisfy your appetite with the savoury personality of Carnival Eats host Noah Cappe.

This episodic show is aired on the Food Network and delves into the lives of carnival vendors everywhere. Cappe, the crew and the network travel to various areas around North America to soak in all sorts of familiar, and not-so-familiar, recipes that visitors to fairs and carnivals can taste. These delectable items can range from fried twinkies to Cappe’s own craving for a funnel cake club sandwich.

Interesting concept, right?

To date, Carnival Eats and the energetic qualities of Cappe have been airing for four seasons with no intention of stopping to indulge its audiences worldwide.

We wanted to know if Cappe had always been interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry and what his drive was behind starting on this delicious path of being a host for Food Network.

“One hundred per cent. I’m so fortunate that I always wanted to be in this industry. I grew up in a family of eight kids and there were three older and four younger, and as cliché as it is, I think it really was one of those kind of ‘in the middle of the pack, a lot of people, a lot of needs,’ and [so I would] make a joke and do a little dance and get attention in this group and I like[d] the feeling of the reaction that I got,” says Cappe.

“It was at an early age that I learned about comedy and performance and being outgoing and all of [those] things and the great stuff that came with it. So, I fell in love with entertainment at an early age, and always knew that I wanted to be an actor in film and television and have been lucky in that sense.”

Cappe shared that toward the beginning stages of his career, he got to a point where he felt that he was doing a decent portion of hosting and a large dash of acting, and said that it was time to blend the two together to make his mark in the entertainment industry.

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Not only does Cappe have recognition from his captivating Carnival Eats show, he has also worked onscreen for Hallmark Channel’s Good Witch, CBC Network’s Being Erica and most recently as the host of The Bachelorette Canada.

On top of his tasteful life on the show, the 40-year-old Cappe has also recently spiced up his personal life with his newly renovated home. We were able to dip into an inside look at the man off-camera.

“My wife and I moved five times in 10 years. We lived in a condo. We lived in a semi-detached. We lived in a fully detached. We moved way up north and lived in a crazy big house that was too much space. We bounced around the city all over. Different areas. Different sizes. Different structures and [we] never felt that fit. Never felt that ‘feeling,’” Cappe says.

“And then we found this house about five and a half years ago and fell in love with it. The area. The neighbourhood. The fact that we look across at this big open field at a school. You’re not staring out your windows at other houses staring right back [despite being] in the heart of the city, to have that was just an amazing element. So, we fell in love with all of those pieces.”

We wanted to know what the next steps were and the reasoning behind the renovations.

“We got to the point where we thought we were ready to start thinking about a family. We’ve started an adoption process. We are about a year into the adoption process and we just got to the point where we were like, ‘This is the house we are going to raise a kid in,’” says Cappe. “We wanted to turn it into our forever space. We wanted a main-floor family room that would be big and open and off the kitchen that you could play and entertain [in]. And a big, beautiful room for the kid with huge windows looking out at a school and other kids playing in a field and just all these elements that it felt like this place, with a few tweaks, would be perfect.”

“I fell in love with entertainment at an early age, and always knew that I wanted to be an actor in film and television”

What an incredible reason to renovate a house. Cappe shares that the “few tweaks” have turned into a nine-month process but he is still eager and excited for the final product.

“We’ve sat in this room [where the interview took place] a few nights and just said, ‘we are just staying in some producer’s house in the Hollywood Hills.’ It’s like some weird place that can’t be ours. It’s so fresh. It’s so new.”

As homeowners and property owners, people tend to gravitate toward a particular description of their homes, like modern architectural feel. Art deco. Rustic and traditional. We wanted to know what Cappe’s descriptor was and we were pleased with the whimsical, yet endearing answer he provided.

“It’s a reflection of us. It’s fun. It’s simple but powerful,” says Cappe while acknowledging his answer in a playful manner.

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