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Supplying the joy of colour and design when we need it the most.

Like everything else about 2020, this upcoming fall season has a distinctly different feel about it, especially for businesses. And with the focus on home since March, companies dealing with anything home-related have an insightful perspective on how we are seeing our nests these days.

One of those companies is Steeles Paint & Décor. Since 1988, it has been a go-to resource that draws do-it-yourself homeowners and professional decorators for the considerable expertise of its designers for paint, wallpaper and all things décor-related to personalize any home.

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Steeles Paint & Décor’s 20,000- square-foot super-centre at 4190 Steeles Ave. W. is the largest independent paint store in North America. Its vast selection and knowledgeable staff with a custom approach to every assignment are well versed in identifying trends in colours and décor, and certainly this year has had a significant impact.

“We’re seeing the effects of the pandemic with multi-purpose spaces and home offices being the focus,” says Petal Douglas, one of many full-time designers on staff. “With people spending more time at home for work, they need an aesthetically pleasing space. And with kids not having full schedules, you’re looking at spaces which have to do more things, including creative spaces for the kids to do their thing.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, being stuck inside for so long has had an impact on what Steeles Paint & Décor is seeing for paint colour and wallpaper trends for the fall, as people want to embrace the outside.

“Some of the trends we are seeing for a multi-coloured fall are in the greens, from warm to cool greens and also warm mid-tone greys,” says Douglas. “Because we’re stuck at home, the greens are bringing that more organic feel to the home. Wallpaper is continuing that trend, and organic wallpaper is now popular, either an organic print of leaves or an organic design, which is more of an abstract. You can use them in close proximity to each other, which can be soothing and fun at the same time.”

Owner Claudio Grisolia has seen many trends since he started Steeles Paint & Décor 32 years ago, but this current situation is even more pronounced. “We know where our clients’ focus is during this time — it’s on their homes, where they are spending the majority of their days,” says Claudio. “It’s like many are noticing things for the first time, and their eyes are opening to the design and colour possibilities of their homes. Steeles Paint professionals have made paint and décor their careers and are happy to guide and work with clients on this journey of exploration and imagination.”

“It’s Like Many Are Noticing Things For The First Time, And Their Eyes Are Opening To The Design And Colour Possibilities Of Their Homes” — Claudio Grisolia

Guiding the client experience at Steeles Paint & Décor is the singleminded focus on customer service. “We start with a big overall picture of the design concept of any space, from wood floors or tiles at the base, which gives us the direction in which to move and to fit in the proper elements,” says Douglas. “We have all the tools for the do-it-yourselfer, and we have the decorating staff to supply the professional help regarding paint colours and any other design needs.”

Devon Grisolia followed his father into the family-owned and -operated business and can speak first-hand to the commitment to customer service at Steeles Paint & Décor. “Beyond the exceptional level of knowledge and expertise of our in-store decorators and paint experts, is the amount of time they spend with each client,” says Devon. “They have a real sense of care and dedication to their clients. It’s almost as if they’re decorating a room in their own home. It’s very impressive.”

We all need a little spark these days more than ever to step outside our normal routines and reinvigorate our surroundings, and Steeles Paint & Décor is the ideal place to start reimagining your colours and décor for the indoor months ahead.
4190 Steeles Ave. W., Woodbridge, Ont.

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