Caesarstone & Jonathan Adler Collaborate to Create Dreamland Installation

The Instagrammable installation debuted at the Interior Design Show 2020, Canada’s largest design event, from January 16–19.

The successful and hugely popular collaboration at this year’s Interior Design Show (IDS20) brought together the vision of luxury quartz brand Caesarstone and renowned potter, designer and author Jonathan Adler. The installation was manufactured by Unique Store Fixtures, a brand known for its work with in-store displays, retail environments and residential projects. Across the four-day event, the IDS20 welcomed more than 50,000 attendees, including 7,000 Opening Night Party guests, 14,000 trade professionals and 30,000 weekend visitors.

Given that Caesarstone is typically a material associated with straight lines and sharp angles, Adler wanted to see if it could be manipulated to explore a softer, more free-flowing perspective. The result is Dreamland, an installation described as surreal and ethereal, featuring cloudscapes and neo-classical columns inspired by Caesarstone’s headquarters, located in the old Roman port city of Caesarea.

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“We had such a fun time working with Jonathan for this year’s collaboration. He has an impeccable commitment to craftsmanship and luxury that we are so excited to bring to life with his creative and unique take on Caesarstone,” says Elizabeth Margles, vice-president of marketing at Caesarstone North America. “His design is so inspirational and imaginative, and [it] really pushes the use of the product for all aspects of the home.”

The installation was constructed of more than 75 slabs of Caesarstone, each weighing more than 453 kilograms. It was put together by a team of 30 installers from Unique Store Fixtures in the lead-up to the event. “There’s the engineering portion of it which doesn’t translate as well on paper as when we put it into real life, but that’s where we specialize,” says Ferro Corrente, COO of Unique Store Fixtures. “We work together with the client and the designer, in this case Caeserstone and Jonathan Adler, and we were able to complete this project quite quickly with all the manufacturing processes we have under one roof.”

“His design is so inspirational and imaginative, and [it] really pushes the use of the product for all aspects of the home” — Elizabeth Margles

With so much of the installation’s importance placed on the perspective of material, light also played a big part in its delivery. As a result, Caesarstone worked with Adler to create dedicated LEDs, ensuring the correct colour was used throughout. This year marked the fourth annual collaboration between Unique Store Fixtures and Caesarstone. “Although every project we do is unique, this one is especially unique because of the creativity behind the project and the collaboration of our team coming together as a single unit to really push and get the show open on time, ready for visitors,” says Marco Corrente, vice-president of Unique Store Fixtures.

Collaboration Program, which was launched to invite designers to challenge the status quo of how their product is used. The initiative has supported the visions of interdisciplinary designers internationally. In 2019, Caesarstone collaborated with Dutch designer Marije Vogelzang to create Seeds, a sensory experience that explored the relationship between design and food through a series of honeycomb-like exhibits that led the visitor through memories, connectivity, happiness and the environment. In 2018, Snarkitecture was the firm of choice and created an Altered States installation, focused on the potential of the kitchen island.

“Working with Caesarstone — both their premium products and their talented team — is fab,” says Adler on his collaboration this year. “What could be better than using dreamy materials to create a dreamy environment? Nothing.”

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