Gianna Ugolini: From Korea With Love

After a year in development, rising facialist Gianna Ugolini introduces the Korean Glass Facial to her skin-care menu.

With 25 years of facial experience, Gianna is renowned for putting her own spin on the classic European facial. She combines her signature contour massage with modern-day equipment and techniques, which makes for an experience like no other. The newest addition to her facial menu is the Korean Glass Facial, featuring oxygen, cryotherapy and so much more, which has been over a year in the making. After several trips to California to master the Korean facial massage technique and personally choosing and testing several facial masks and tools, it has all come together perfectly!

“New and existing clients are absolutely loving it and look forward to their next session. This makes me so happy,” she says. This 90-minute treatment includes all of Gianna’s favourite game-changers: lymphatic drainage, a freeze-dried collagen mask and her oxygen system (to name a few!). The hyperbaric oxygen machine produces approximately 98 per cent pure oxygen, which is then breezed into a respiratory dome as it is comfortably placed over the face. This Clients get the best facials at G.C. & Co., including all the advantages of an oxygeninfusion dome and cryotherapy, which Gianna uses to get amazing, glowing results allows the client to inhale the benefits while increasing product absorption. To finish off this relaxing treatment, the oxygen spray gun is used to further infuse the skin with super-hydrating serums.

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Gianna combines the korean facial massage with her own signature contour massage, making it a technique like no other

“Every day, we get bombarded with positive ions, which have a negative effect on our body when exposed to in excess, making us feel tired and worn out,” says Gianna. “Negative ions help relieve stress, and boost energy to revitalize your skin, improve fine lines and wrinkles and other signs of aging.” Afterwards you’re left with healthy, glowing skin.

Her favourite part of every facial? The contour massage. “I’m constantly tweaking it to achieve instant visible results,” she says, as facial massage can drastically improve
the appearance of skin, improving circulation, ironing out expression lines and toning muscles.

Gianna combines the Korean facial massage with her own signature contour massage, making it a technique like no other. Facials are her passion, and she travels abroad a few times a year to constantly learn new techniques. “I’ll never stop learning. I want to be a good role model for my nine-year-old daughter by showing her that when a woman is passionate about her career, the sky’s the limit.”

Gianna’s biggest piece of advice? Monthly facials and a really good homecare routine to be carried out morning and night. “One skin cycle consists of 28 days — that is how long it takes for skin cells to regenerate. A facial once a month sloughs away dullness, leaving you with a healthy glow,” she adds. “I also offer a very popular 16-week program: clients visit me every week for 16 weeks, where I treat them with everything I have to offer. And they’re left with an incredible transformation.” Check out the before/ after photos for yourself on Gianna’s Instagram page (@gianna_gcandco).

6175 Hwy 7, Unit 7, Woodbridge, Ont.

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