Styles and Trends with Cindy Jardim

As the director for styles and trends at Lowe’s Canada, Cindy Jardim is an expert on making homes look good. City Life had the pleasure of speaking to Jardim and finding out the best ways to decorate your home for the holidays.

City Life: How did you get your start in styles and trends?
Cindy Jardim: I have always been interested in keeping up with the latest styles and trends that ultimately help create comfortable, inspiring living spaces. I love spotting out what will be the next new colour or style obsession and [being] able to influence product development in support of [that]. I started helping family and friends coordinate their spaces which led me to university to expand my design knowledge.

CL: What do you look for when you are figuring out styles and trends?
Jardim: I take inspiration from everything around me. Apparel trends, makeup colours and I even take colour inspiration from the automobile industry. I do a ton of research — industry shows, best-of-breed market shops (particularly European). I then take a high-level trend and interpret it to suit my target customer — [who is seeking] quality and fashionability with great value.

CL: How are you decorating your own home?
Jardim: I’m going all out on the drama! Try mixing metals along with black and cobalt blue and taking inspiration from our Opuluxe collection.

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CL: What is the in-colour this season?
Jardim: I’m seeing three primary and distinct colour palettes for 2017:

Frosty whites paired with sparkling silver and pale blue, creating an icy, updated traditional look. Pairing this Deep Freeze cold palette with soft textures will add warmth to your winter wonderland.

Rich, bold cobalt blue with dramatic black and gold will create a luxurious environment anyone would be happy to entertain in.

Classic red and green get updated with hints of denim blue and black. These colours are casual at their core, which will have your home feeling comforting, simple and familiar.

With all of these colour combinations to choose from, there really is something for every home.

CL: Generally speaking, what have you noticed about Canadians when it comes to their holiday season decorating?
Jardim: I’ve noticed that Canadians are starting to decorate earlier than previous years. They are also looking for items that coordinate with their interior style. Holiday decorations become a layering piece to what they have out year-round.

CL: What are the perfect items from Lowe’s to accessorize the home this holiday season?
Jardim: I would suggest that you focus on items that have longevity and can stay out all winter long. These should be items that are not just holiday related, such as lanterns, hurricanes centrepieces, and cosy throws and pillows. 

CL: In terms of lights and decorations, interior and exterior, how much is too much?
Jardim: To keep your holiday decorating from feeling overwhelming both inside and out, stick to a colour palette, create a focal point and establish an overall style. Don’t be afraid to mix metals though! Gold, silver, bronze and copper all work beautifully together, especially during the holiday season. If you stick to these three principles, you can add as little or as much as you want without feeling like it is too much. 

CL: How are people decorating their trees this year?
Jardim: People are decorating their tree this year to fit with their overall holiday look using the distinct colour palettes for 2017. You don’t have to get a new tree, but by adding new ornaments that fit with the rest of your holiday décor, you can completely create a new look.

CL: What is the must-have item this holiday season?
Jardim: Cosy, comfortable throws and pillows. They allow you to take some time to kick back and relax during this hectic time of the year.

CL: What advice can you give Canadians ahead of the holidays?
Jardim: Stay true to your style when decorating for the holidays and utilize the year’s trends to help enhance your home.

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