The DeRucci Touch is a Sleeping Must

For 20 years DeRUCCI has been the leading brand whose commitment to delivering products that promote quality sleep is unmatched

Established in China in 2004, with a bold vision to be an integrator of global healthy sleeping resources and engages in the development, production, and marketing of a whole set of healthy sleep systems. As a result of two decades of rapid growth, DeRUCCI has more than 5000 stores across the world spanning Australia, Canada, Germany, Dubai, Hong Kong, the United States and many more. In addition, their multidisciplinary design team based in Italy and France to tailor-made to provide the perfect combination of body care, comfort, and style.

The brand’s specialty is to help its customers achieve the most optimum level of sleep possible. As we have seen the detrimental health effects of poor sleep. DeRUCCI’s commitment to its customers is reflected in the time and development funds invested in its research department aimed at developing the best mattresses and furniture possible.

“That’s why a lot of customers come to us to look for the best sleeping product,” says Mercury, President of DeRUCCI. “That’s how we distinguish ourselves from our competitors. We invest a lot in research and development, and we collaborate with world-leading organizations who develop the latest technology in sleep.”

DeRUCCI joins hands with the human ergonomics study center of the Catholic University of Louvain, the Sleeping Study Center of Asia Pacific and the Industrial Design and Study Center of Milano Italy, collaborating with over 10 international bedding suppliers such as DOC Switzerland, Germany Mieles to created intelligent healthy sleep system fitting to the human body.

While the DeRUCCI brand is revolutionizing the sleep culture its product line for living room and restaurant-style decor demonstrates their desire to make your home as comfortable as possible. From exquisite coffee tables to lavish dining room tables and comfortable sofas to top-of-the-line “DeRUCCI Sleep Aid” massage chairs.

The Mousse Sleep Aid massage chairs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their innovation, luxury, and exquisiteness. It is one of DeRUCCI’s featured collections of high-end intelligent products that will come into being in the future.

With built-in features such as exclusive sleep music that plays on super double surround three-dimensional music speakers, improved ultra-silent massage chair movement with a setting preference to the “spiritual level” for quiet enjoyment, three personalized program sessions tailored for the mind, body, and soul, and six massage procedural modes (Sleep aid mode, Random mode, Calm mode, Full body comfort Model, Waist and hip relaxation mode, neck and shoulders mitigation mode)

DeRUCCI’s cutting-edge technology with a European-style influence holds true. They continually blend a contemporary European design with beneficial human engineering concepts that develop every mattress and furniture into a masterpiece.

DeRUCCI’s history is one of great pride. They were the pioneers of customizing healthy sleep systems that transcend beyond the traditional ways of the bedding industry. The very concept of “healthy sleep systems” was never a part of the conversation until DeRUCCI’s influence. By integrating excellent healthy sleep resources, DeRUCCI has realized the continuous innovation and rapid iteration of products. They create adaptive intelligent products, the world’s first Schumann resonances helping sleep mattress, and smart control of health pillow with APP which could test human heart rate, temperature, ambient temperature, humidity, etc.

“We are working on a smart mattress that has sensors embedded right into the interior designed to track your sleep performance overnight and give your health suggestions. Essentially, the idea was inspired by the Apple Watch. But instead of wearing it, you lay back and sleep. With this mattress, you can even change the firmness level electronically in accordance with optimizing your sleeping experience. And of course, we are experimenting with different materials to construct our mattresses but concerning the latest technology, that is what we are working on right now,” says Mercury.

On the cusp of the brand’s 20th anniversary, the DeRUCCI team has relocated and expanded at their brand new 13,000-square-foot showroom location (Markham, Ontario) and celebrated this historical milestone with the grand opening on November 11th, 2023. This grand event welcomed guests from all over the Greater Toronto Area and York Region. Guests were left speechless as they became immersed in the most innovatively designed mattresses and furniture products.

“What makes us so special is the fact we work like a family, and we trust each other. We have always been very close, and a majority of our team has worked at DeRUCCI for several years. We love what we do and want to make people feel very comfortable no matter when they come to the showroom, or after the purchase,” says Mercury.

3135 Hwy 7 Unit 1AB, Markham, L3R 0T9

(905) 477-8777

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