Italian President Sergio Mattarella Visits Toronto

Italian president Sergio Mattarella graced Canadians with his presence on June 30 at a two-hour reception at the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto. At the event, Mattarella discussed the relationship between Italy and Canada, as well as his fondness for our nation as a whole. Mattarella referenced how Canada provided assistance and aid to Italy during a very tumultuous time a few months ago, when the country experienced a massive earthquake in its central region. In addition, Mattarella extolled the Italian-Canadians present and the pride they express toward their ancestral heritage. Local Italian-Canadian business owners and representatives were in attendance for the event. Dolce Media Group founders Michelle and Fernando Zerillo were both at the event as well. Being Italian immigrants themselves, they say they were “honoured” to attend that evening.

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City Life Staff

City Life Staff

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