Lincoln Introduces Its Newest Midsize SUV: The 2019 Nautilus

Lincoln Motor Company’s 2019 midsize SUV, the Nautilus, showcases fashion fluidity.

Luxury, fashion-forward and class. These are the perfect words to describe Lincoln Motor Company’s newest midsize sport utility vehicle (SUV) and its 2019 edition, the Lincoln Nautilus. This latest model, which includes Ford’s newest technology bundle option, the Co-Pilot360, adds to the brand’s lineup of luxury vehicles and joins the ranks of the MKC, Continental, Navigator and MKZ.

The Nautilus sports Lincoln’s newest turbocharged engine, which features technological advancements such as direct injection and dual variable camshaft timing. These evolutions in the company’s engine options provide strength in performance and ability, incorporating a 335-horsepower (hp) output, along with 380 lb.-ft. of torque in the 2.7-Litre engine. The smaller 2-L, four-cylinder engine distributes 250-hp, and both options include an eight-speed automatic transmission. The Nautilus allows for drivers to accomplish 12.0 litres per 100 kilometres in the city and 9.6 litres per 100 kilometres for highway driving.

Lincoln has also stepped up its internal driving technology features such as its Blind Spot Information detection system, which assists drivers by alerting them of oncoming vehicles while changing lanes and of vehicle proximity while driving and parking. Similar to other automotive manufacturers, the company has implemented emergency braking to create a safe environment by reducing collisions, as well as systems to keep vehicles in the centre of the lane while oncoming traffic approaches. Additional technology featured in the Nautilus are 4G Wi-Fi connectivity, wireless charging spots, touchscreen adaptivity (including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for ease of use) and the Lincoln-specific Revel® sound system.

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This new model in the Lincoln repertoire has also brought forth an element of comfort with class. Not only does the exterior of the SUV exude approachability through the swift lines intricately cut into the design, but comfort can also be felt while in the vehicle itself, thanks to the Ultra Comfort seats for the driver and “co-pilot.” These seats feature 22 adjustment options, including lower-back massages, heating and air conditioning.

The interior design of the Nautilus, the Lincoln Black Label Gala edition, is inspired by the fashionable New York Met Gala. This can be seen in the rich royal colours of the carmine and onyx leather. Passengers will also catch glimpses of the Nouveau Armor aluminum accents, adding notes of class in the darker areas. Two additional options for owner personalization are available: Chalet and Thoroughbred, both intrinsically deep in hues and rich in heritage. Along with the beautifully toned attributes, passengers will be able to view each and every skyline during their drive, courtesy of the panoramic Vista Roof.

Visit the Lincoln website to learn more about the Lincoln Nautilus and the entire Lincoln Motor Company lineup.

Engine & transmission: twin-turbocharged V-6
Power: 335-hp
Torque: 380 lb.-ft.
Fuel economy: 12.0 L/100 km (city) 9.6 L/100 km (highway)

Written By Shaun Melady

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