2017 Armada® Platinum Review

It’s interesting to look back to the early 2000’s and remember the big SUV gas guzzlers, like the Hummer, were some of the most popular vehicles. Fast forward to almost 20 years later and everyone is searching the market for a vehicle that has great fuel economy and easy on the environment, like electric cars. Despite the prominent change in what consumers want and the cognizance of the environment, there is still a market for big, double-duty Sport Utility Vehicles, like the Nissan Armada.

So who is still in the market for a heavy-duty SUV? It turns out, families who head up to the cottage with their boat every summer, requiring space and strength. The 2017 Nissan Armada Platinum seats seven and can tow up to 8500 pounds – the only crossover able to do so. A 390 horsepower 5.6 litre V-8 engine mated with a seven-speed automatic pulls all that weight with ease. It comes standard with navigation, Bose audio, and an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system. Adaptive cruise control and automated emergency braking are included on the Platinum model.

By far, the greatest selling point the Armada Platinum has is that the inside of it is identical to a fully loaded Infiniti QX80, which sells for over $90,000. As you can expect in a higher end vehicle, the leather in the Armanda is high quality. The front and back seats are noticeably roomy, and the back seats are heated and have their own entertainment screens. It even has the same issue the Infiniti has, which is limited trunk space when the third seat is up – only one is a lot more expensive.

The 2017 Nissan Armada Platinum has definitely received the upgrades it deserves to match its new look. While still offering the same ruggedness as the Armada we know and love, it has a much more sophisticated character with its Infiniti interior. However, as mentioned, the newer generation of cars is going in a more fuel-conscious direction, and SUVs are less enticing because of their deficiency in fuel-economy. The Armada’s fuel economy only improved by 1 mile per gallon in city driving compared to the older model – something to keep in mind with the hike in gas prices. However, with an enticing interior that costs around $20,000 less than the Infiniti, it might be worth it.

390 Horsepower – 17.5/12.9 City/Hwy L/100 km*


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