One57’s, Jasmine Lam: Made In Manhattan

Jasmine Lam’s new project, One57, offers panoramic views of Central Park and New York City’s skyline.

The architect and interior designer recently finished work on the luxury space, which aimed to bring a calming atmosphere to contemporary design. The finished apartment sits at 4,500 square feet and includes three bedrooms and four bathrooms, as well as spaces to relax.

To do this, Jasmine Lam applied the experience she has gained in creating luxury private residences, offices and retail stores for more than 23 years. Working with a colour palette of black, grey and cream, the space’s ceilings stretch high, complete with cove lighting, while the introduction of large oak panels gives each of the home’s areas its own definition. As a designer known to include an impressive array of artworks in her finished designs, Lam fully fitted One57 with furniture, art and accessories that enhance the space’s esthetic.

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Lam founded her studio in 2002 in New York. Since then she has completed projects around the city, as well as in Miami, South Florida, the Hamptons and beyond. She’s also the recipient of a number of awards, including New York Cottages & Gardens Magazine’s Innovation in Design award for both 2017 and 2018.

Alongside her design work, Lam is a member of the MoMA Contemporary Arts Council and Architecture + Design Circle. She’s also a philanthropist, supporting causes around breast cancer research, education and sustainability.

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Josh Walker

Josh Walker