Majestic Marble: The Love and Respect of Family is its’ Strength in Stone

Founded in 1987, Majestic Marble has been the go-to retailer for those looking to incorporate dimensional stone within their homes and businesses.

For some families, the occasional celebratory event that brings them together can be an enduring test of that often-challenging family dynamic. Imagine then working with your family, day after day, year after year, like the Muia family, owners and operators of Majestic Marble of Concord, the recognized leader for 30 years in superior stones and craftmanship in the importing, manufacturing and installation of the finest dimensional stone from around the world for the residential and commercial markets.

The Muia family story is one of inspiration, cooperation, respect and the value and importance of family relationships. A bold, brash and beautiful family which, as testament to its work ethic, have created a company environment in which some of its employees have been with the company since its opening in 1987, and they have each had the beautiful experience of seeing each other’s families grow along the way.

“We have a crazy, big family and we all work together,” says Mariangela Muia, New Business Director, who with her brothers Frank, Vice President, Operations, and Mike, Vice President, Sales, work with their parents and founders of the company, Joe and Silvana Muia.

It was Joe, who upon immigrating to Canada in the 1960’s and beginning a successful brick-layering and construction company with more than 700 employees, had a dream to own a marble and granite company. This was in the middle of a recession, and Joe and Silvana worked hard and fought through tough times to create a state-of-the-art manufacturing natural stone company.

“Our family reminds each other all the time that good things take time to happen and they do not happen overnight,” says Mariangela Muia. “You need to plant the seed and be patient and nurture it.”

Nurture it they did, growing from two kitchen jobs per week to now doing on average 68 kitchen jobs per week in this fast-paced, constantly changing industry. Of course, the intense pressure of growing a successful business can put strains on any family dynamic.

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“Of course, we have our challenges, but at the end of the day, whether its building houses or installing countertops, our objective is to help one another succeed,” says Mariangela Muia. “Our parents worked very hard to keep us together, so we have a lot of family get togethers. In our time spent with our parents we are learning our family traditions, our values and what keeps a family together. Lots of sacrifices, patience and trust. We also respect each other’s ideas and areas of expertise. These are the values we live by.”

This is the welcoming family atmosphere that is palatable for anyone visiting Majestic Marble for quality stone products to adorn their homes, be it for the beautiful possibilities of luxurious fireplace surrounds, vanities, tables or complete natural stone bathroom and kitchen requirements. While the Muia’s are dedicated to each other and encouraging in their everyday lives, they are equally committed to their business, their products and their customers.

“Our product success is because of the quality we source and supply and superior craftmanship that our customers can count upon,” says Mariangela Muia. “We listen carefully to our clients, have empathy, and are here for them with excellence in customer service. We pride ourselves on our customer relationships and the trust and accountability they can rely upon with their builds or renovations or our designs, as we’re with them every step of the way for years and years. We have customers returning for product for their second or third homes and that makes us very happy as we want our clients to be happy.”

While Majestic Marble may be the name, the company has a full range of the finest different types of stones which have proved most popular for home design, such as granite, onyx, quartzite, travertino, semi-precious, mosaics, quartz and porcelain slabs and the trend towards natural stone that many more clients are beginning to embrace. For Majestic, its product line is growing because its customer base is growing, a base that includes not just home owners, but builders, designers, decorators and other retailers.

“Our business relationships with our reputable builders and retailers has grown beyond just business but into friendships over these last 30 years,” says Mariangela Muia. “Our involvement goes beyond the day-to-day activities, but a deep involvement in our local Vaughan community.”

It is this local care, commitment and investment that Majestic Marble has extended to its global adventures to source the very best product for its customers. “The majority of our stone is quarried from the mountains of Italy, as well as Brazil, China or other leading suppliers from around the world, but we only deal with manufacturers who share the same company values as Majestic Marble,” says Mariangela Muia. “We buy direct for our clients from site visits to these factories, so we deal directly with the owners to be assured of their technology and that they are finishing the product to our high standards, and we also have inspectors around the world working on our behalf.”

Like the compassion and interest they have in each other, the Muia’s bring this to their customers, as evidenced by Majestic Marble’s commitment to personalized service with its in-home consultations. These visits give its experts the ability to see and experience the size, technical requirements and environment customers wish to transform with its top-quality stone products.

“Going to a client’s home you get to know their personal space and style,” says Mariangela Muia. “In-home consultations allow us to know our client and you can then educate them about which products and designs may work best for them and their space. This is a key component of our business.”

Additionally, customers of Majestic can visit its 45,000-square-foot warehouse in Concord, which houses its own finishing process and offers a full range of luxury stone products in more than 300 different colours. Customers can touch and experience first-hand the quality of their chosen stone and the care and craftmanship taken in its manufacturing. The visits are creatively stimulating and educational for the stone selection process, and teach clients the ongoing maintenance to increase the longevity of their beautiful works of art.

The success of Majestic Marble has been clearly built upon some traits that may have become rare in this day and age: a commitment to family values, loyalty, trust, respect, honesty, and the intangibles that keep a family not only close, but working together as a team for the greater good in serving its customers.

399 Applewood Cres., Concord, Ont.

Photos By Carlos A. Pinto

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