Integrity Fitness – The Masters of Women’s Fitness

With a world-class team of trainers, Integrity Fitness has evolved into Vaughan’s leading fitness club for women.

Paul Walker may have built his reputation through his popular workout class, Paul’s Boot Camp, but the veteran trainer knows evolution is key to success. “Today, we’re far more than just a boot camp,” says the owner of Integrity Fitness. For the past decade, Walker has surrounded himself with a team of world-class trainers to elevate Integrity Fitness into an award-winning, one-stop shop for women’s fitness. “We see 2,000 women a year,” Walker explains. “That’s all we do, and we’ve mastered that craft.”

Every week, over 1,000 women hit the weights or break a sweat in a group class at Integrity Fitness’s two Vaughan locations. While many are there for Walker’s proven body-toning instruction, it’s his expert staff that he believes keep programs fresh and effective. Their diverse backgrounds have roots in everything from yoga to weight training and even mixed martial arts to provide unique training options that deliver life-changing results.

“We’re focused on everything the modern woman needs to stay fit and healthy, and that’s constantly advancing,” says Walker. What type of training makes a woman tone and fit? What workouts burn body fat? What routines make working out fun? What advice can Walker and his team provide to address issues and concerns around topics such as back pains, pregnancy or menopause? “That’s what we talk about, that’s what we deal with, and that’s how we train our clients. We don’t worry about anything else.”

It’s this dedication to the needs of his female clients that have led to the development of innovative workout programs that keep Integrity Fitness ahead of the curve. “Our biggest strength is that we build relationships with our clients to thoroughly understand their goals. This allows us to shape our services to maximize results,” Walker explains.

There’s the ever-popular Paul’s Boot Camp for the seriously motivated fitness enthusiasts. The pioneering MetCon30 program — which Integrity Fitness offered two years before metabolic training became the No. 1 workout trend of 2016 — is ideal for the busy woman who needs a heart-pumping workout in 30 minutes. Then there’s the signature Bubble Butt workout, which is second to none when it comes to shaping thighs and glutes. And for women who prefer to train solo, there’s My Fitness Boutique, a fitness studio where women can train on their own but with access to an expert trainer at all times. Launching this spring, Integrity Fitness is also introducing a tech-savvy fat loss program that will use heart rate monitors to help clients reach the ideal heart rate for maximizing workouts.

It doesn’t just end when the workout wraps, either. Walker and his team are launching a social network where women can connect and discuss topics such as fitness and meal plans, as well as have their questions answered in an encouraging environment. It’s through this social network that Walker hopes his clients can express their voice and find the information and support they crave.

“Fitness is not a destination. Fitness is a lifestyle,” says Walker. “That’s why our goal has always been to make Integrity Fitness into more than just a gym. It’s a place where women can get in shape, yes, but we’re also focused on helping them find and maintain an all-around healthy lifestyle. With my world-class team, I’m proud to say we’re making that happen.”

8000 Hwy. 27, Unit 1, Woodbridge, Ont.
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