Integrity Fitness Expands Workout Services

The renowned fitness studio unveils two new offerings for the busy modern woman.

Paul Walker knows that the everyday demands of life can make it difficult for the modern woman to squeeze fitness into her routine.

“It’s assumed that because women are busy, they’re lazy. That’s not the case,” says Walker, the owner of Integrity Fitness, a leading women’s fitness centre in Vaughan. Many don’t have 60 minutes to train, 20-30 minutes to travel to and from the gym and another 30 minutes to clean up after. “That’s two hours out of their already hectic day.”

To better accommodate his members, Walker has expanded the West Vaughan Integrity Fitness to house an all-new fitness solution, METCON30. METCON30 offers world-class circuit workouts designed to spark the metabolism and burn fat in short 30-minute sessions, all for an incredible price of just $44 per month.

Trainers will lead small, intimate groups of members through half-hour sessions that combine multi-joint compound movements such as tire flips, kettle bell swings and jump boxes with aerobic activities. These cutting-edge exercises push muscles hard, and right when they reach their limit, members switch to vigorous cardio to maintain an elevated heart rate while muscles recover. A brief break follows before the circuit is repeated multiple times. The result is quick, accessible and affordable workouts that burn up to 300 calories per session.

Walker explains that METCON30 workouts will be offered six days a week, with three sessions from 9 a.m. to
10:30 a.m. and three sessions from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. New circuits will also be implemented weekly. Sessions will be intense and give members a workout they expect from his award-winning facility, but because they’re only a half hour, they’re also short, sweet and effective. “They’re over, just when you’re crying out for mercy,” says Walker, who’s been professionally training women for over 15 years. “You’re in and out in 30 minutes, satisfied that you did something really special for you and your body.”

METCON30 is ideal for young and new fitness enthusiasts, post-pregnancy moms, women with busy lifestyles who want to maximize their time in the gym, those who love Integrity Fitness boot camps but find them too intense or just the average woman trying to stay healthy.

Walker is launching METCON30 this October alongside his new Supportive Cardio & Fitness Boutique, which allows women to workout independently in a state-of-the-art studio but also gives them access to a certified personal trainer that can offer guidance and coaching. The Fitness Boutique lets members train the way they want, but has the added edge of professional instruction to give further motivation and increased results. “We give you people, not machines,” says Walker.

“METCON30 is easy, affordable and it works,” Walker concludes. “It’s made for the busy woman, not the lazy woman.”

METCON30 is available through membership or on a per-session basis. Book your session by contacting
Integrity Fitness by phone or through its mobile app.

Integrity Fitness
8000 Hwy 27, Unit 1, Woodbridge, Ont. L4H 0A8

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