Adam Pulla, Financial Advisor with Northstone Wealth & Estate

Providing clarity, trusted guidance and advice to help build your net worth

From large businesses to family affairs, Adam Pulla will help you get ahead with a systematic and disciplined approach while helping to protect your wealth, taking the stress out of handling your financial matters.

When some of us happen to stumble upon a cocktail party conversation that includes the terms “wealth preservation,” “asset management” or “estate planning,” some may quietly retreat to reacquaint themselves with the veggie platter and dip, feeling they don’t belong in that conversation. But that’s the wrong tactic to take. We all belong in that conversation, which can be extremely valuable if you take the time to listen and learn.

“Believe it or not, most people do not have a physical financial plan. This is where our disciplined process adds real value to people’s financial lives,” says Adam Pulla.

Adam, a partner with Northstone Wealth & Estate Management Inc., helps reduce the stress and organizes the often confusing and intimidating world of personal and business finance. Adam is a financial advisor, offering wealth accumulation and wealth distribution strategies (RRSPs/TFSAs, life insurance, etc.) to make sense of the cents and dollars for Canadians financial futures. These solutions yield a successful financial lifestyle, both for businesses and the family market.

The investable assets of advised investors were found to be four times greater than those of non-advised investors – [The Investment Funds Institute of Canada. The Value of Advice Report, 2011]

“With 15 years of experience, I build long-term relationships with all of my clients,” says Adam. “As a financial advisor, I meet with families and business owners to simplify their finances and look for efficiencies and strategies to help preserve capital, while still providing a stable and attractive rate of return for long-term growth.”

Northstone Wealth & Estate operates under the umbrella of London Life (a 144-year-old company), one of North America’s most-respected and diverse financial services organization, which affords Northstone the ability to offer a full suite of services and experts with the highest level of financial acumen. While business owners go about building successful businesses, having an advisor like Adam in their corner means there is one less thing to worry about.

Work Ethic
“We work as hard as the business owner does,” says Adam. “I respect what they do and can relate to them, as I am a business owner myself. I understand that business owners take a lot of risk in their business, and they do not want to take as much risk with their investment portfolios.”

Adam has extensive resources at his disposal to offer expert advice on tax-advantaged investment strategies regarding transfer of wealth, as well as efficiencies to invest corporately earned dollars conservatively. Adam always works as a team in tandem with his clients and his partners, with a firm total of $200 million in assets under management.

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Business Owners
“I have in-house chartered financial analysts (CFAs) and chartered professional accountants (CPAs) at Northstone,” says Adam. “I can call upon their support in a corporate meeting to speak to the business owners’ accountants and lawyers, to ensure the strategies we are putting in place are appropriate for their organization.”

Adam also offers buy-sell agreements, or a partner-buyout strategy, for his corporate clients. This ensures that should a partner of a company pass away, the partner’s family receives full measure for the partner’s shares in the company, and the remaining partners then take over the partner’s percentage of the company. A buy-sell agreement is extremely important in corporate financial planning and an area where Adam excels.

Adam’s clients at Northstone are approximately 50 per cent business owners and 50 per cent families, and he enjoys an impressive 98 per cent client retention rate, offering quarterly financial reviews.

Family Clients
With families, Adam takes a personalized one-on-one approach, offering advice with investments, estate taxes, income tax reduction strategies, insurance plans, educational savings plans and intergenerational wealth transfer advice. Furthermore, he is a voice of direction where market volatility or rising interest rates are a client concern.

While these matters may be technical in nature, Adam strives to simplify and speak in simplified terms. One of his goals is to demystify the world of financial planning, providing wealth advice for all generations. If the relationship with the family expands into other areas, it often happens organically and is the result of trust and peace of mind, perhaps the most important emotions in matters of financial security.

“I will meet with families in their homes in the evening or at their businesses during the day, being respectful of their time, as they all lead busy lives, so we need to get to the bottom line quickly,” says Adam. “Sometimes, clients start off simply as individual family market clients, and during our discussions they may mention they also have a business and because of our relationship, they feel comfortable asking us to take care of financial matters for them and their partners.”

A fitness enthusiast who plays piano and enjoys great food and Italian/Californian wine in his all-too-brief free time, Adam is at home in the Vaughan, Ont., community and has sponsored both the Duffield Devils hockey team in Vaughan and the Toronto Junior Canadiens minor bantam AAA (JRC). It’s his way of giving back to his community.

The path to a safe and secure financial future begins with a conversation, as protecting and building wealth to explore life’s possibilities, today and tomorrow, are goals everyone should have. With Adam Pulla of Northstone Wealth & Estate Management, it’s an easy conversation to have, where he ensures it’s worth your time to build your overall net worth.

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