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Many choose to travel to Europe for the historical value of the ancient cities, however, this change of venue will open the gates to something great that even a seasoned traveller can learn something from. South Africa during apartheid was a difficult place to live, especially if you were a person of colour. Nelson Mandela, a radical wanted to ensure that apartheid ended, but he and was persecuted for it; and spent 27 years in prison for his actions. Learn first hand from Nelson Mandela’s prison chef and unlikely friend about what things were like for the human rights hero during his final years.

There are three different experiences available throughout the day, the cost of which is $398 per person. This once in a lifetime opportunity will change you for the better. During his 27 years in apartheid prisons, Nelson Mandela formed close relationships not only with his fellow prisoners but also with those tasked with keeping him behind bars. Jack is one of them. The insider information you receive from Jack will help you to appreciate Mandela’s struggle and his work.

The excursion schedule is as follows:

You will begin in Cape Town and spend the day, full nine hours, with Jack. The day will include 3 experiences and accommodations include 1 meal, Snacks, Drinks, 2 tickets and Transportation

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The first stop of the day will take place between 7:00 AM − 11:30 AM in which the group will visit Robben Island, lead by Jack. As this is where Jack and Mr. Mandela first got to know each other, Jack will provide insight into Mandela’s life in prison and what it was like to work as a white warder during apartheid. You will also visit the lime quarry where jack would drive prisoners to work and also visit where Jack used to stay during his time there.

Next, between 12PM-2PM you will partake in a prison lunch similar to what Jack would cook for Mandela and all his special prison guests at Drakenstein Correctional Facility. Over lunch together, Jack will discuss Mandela’s diet and will allow you to look through the album in which he keeps his memories of Mandela; including photos and notes from Mr. Mandela. Jack will also explain how the pair became friends.

Finally between 2:30PM-5PM you will visit the house Mandela stayed in during his last 14 months in jail. This will be a room-by-room in-depth tour where Jack will explain “what he did in each room, who came to visit, and where the wiretaps were placed.” Jack will also discuss “what happened the first time he saw a microwave, the times we swam together, his daily routines, the notes he left me, and how he prepared for his release from prison.”

If you are dreaming of a South African vacation, this tour is a must.

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