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Deco-Echo − Toronto-based Deco-Echo offers a range of vinyl wall coverings brimming with exquisite patterns, such as this one from Roberto Cavalli.

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Francis Kéré − On Jan. 17, 2020, IDS20 will be hosting internationally acclaimed architect Francis Kéré. Kéré is known for his pioneering approach to design and commitment to sustainable materials and methods.

AZURE − Available in chrome and poised to sit between functionality and design, the AZURE kitchen faucet creates a one-jet pull-down spray.

4046 Excava − Designed to reflect the authenticity of industrial materials, Caeserstone’s Metropolitan Collection aims to capture the true depth and movement that make each slab of material unique.

Bauhaus − Specializing in doors and windows, Bauhaus offers a range of designs that span traditional and contemporary looks, guaranteed to suit your desired style.

Summerhill − With a tagline of “renovations done responsibly,” Greening Homes is committed to making homes healthy and energy efficient. One such project was the renovation of this classic Victorian home, Summerhill.

Crate and Barrel − From dual citrus squeezers to five-blade herb scissors, Crate and Barrel has everything you need to ensure your kitchen can keep up with your cooking.

S108 − Designed by Montrealbased Kastella, this four-dresser drawer adds a classic staple to your living space and is available in walnut, maple, cherry or white oak.

INSERIRE Stool − This stool, produced by Toronto-based designer of Italian descent Anthony Mattacchione, has been designed to exaggerate the moment steel meets wood. It is also available as a side table and coffee table.

Metalwood Studio − Metalwood Studio, run by an expert team of woodworkers and enthusiasts, has over 50 years of experience and specializes in kiln drying, furniture design and maintenance.

Pure Stainless − Founded on the principles of clean design and quality, Pure Stainless is Canada’s leading stainless-steel pool and spa manufacturer, ready to start building your personal oasis.

FAINA − Launched by Ukrainian designer Victoria Yakusha in 2014, FAINA is a brand created with minimalism in mind. Her brand introduces a number of pieces that, though simple in form, have a deep philosophy behind them.

Blobula Multi − With over 4,000 designs in production, over 300 awards and projects in over 40 countries, Karim Rashid is a prolific designer whose work is introduced here on custom-printed carpets.

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