#FashionFriday: A Very Nicki Christmas

The holidays really are the most wonderful time of the year. But for children — and those who are children at heart — it’s more than just wonderful, it’s magical. H&M kept that idea in mind when creating this year’s holiday commercial, setting it in a parallel fantasy world filled with magical characters, one of whom is portrayed by famed rapper Nicki Minaj. The commercial also includes actors Jesse Williams and John Turturro in its mission to spread a universal message of love and caring this holiday season and into the new year. H&M has always been a champion of holiday fashion, and this year it has created a truly magical Christmas story that is fun to watch while showcasing the brand’s newest additions to the marketplace.

The film begins with Jesse Williams, playing a father who is telling his daughter a bedtime story. The tale opens with a little girl who creates a black hole using her chemistry set. The heroic little girl then tracks down Santa Claus’ evil brother in order to save the holiday season from his selfishness. Nicki Minaj stars as the mother of the little girl as well as the fabulous fairy named the Wisest Thingy, while Jesse Williams plays both the girl’s father and the Fastest Fairy in this spectacular world. Alongside them, John Turturro shines as both Santa Claus and Santa Claus’ evil brother.

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“I love the film’s overall empowering message. I love seeing this young girl become the champion that lives in all of us. There’s always magic in the air during the holidays,” says Nicki Minaj.
Fashion is definitely a huge feature this year, with H&M hitting all the bases. The line showcases deep reds, silver sequins and fluffy tulle, not to mention a number of warm, chunky knits in various colours, lengths and styles that have been woven in to keep you warm and stylish this season. H&M has also integrated luxe metallic and classic moto jackets, as well as faux furs and puffer jackets in a rainbow of jewel tones.

The men’s line features sleek cuts and deep hues with stark contrasts accompanied by chunky knits and wool dress coats. This season, classic styles juxtapose innovative looks in the men’s, women’s and children’s lines. And H&M’s affordable pricing makes it the perfect place to pick up last-minute gifts for everyone on your list, including yourself.

This year’s holiday donations to the H&M Foundation go to UNICEF to give children the best start in life.


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