Lumas + The Skateroom: Deck The Walls – Skateboards and Art

Skateboards and art have never looked so good together.

About 12 years ago, Marc Ullrich and Stefanie Harig pooled their enthusiasm for art photography into creating the Berlin-based, now worldwide, art gallery known as LUMAS. With a gallery in Toronto’s historic Yorkville neighbourhood, LUMAS has excelled at creating venues where art can be more economical and attainable for anyone.

Following a similar philosophy is the Belgium-based initiative, The Skateroom. Its team collaborates with contemporary and legendary artists to create editions of their artwork using skateboards as their canvases. Like LUMAS, The Skateroom wants to make art available to the public.

In joining their same visions for art, LUMAS and The Skateroom have formed an organic partnership, allowing the gallery to sell these exclusive, esteemed decks. “The big thing for us in partnering with The Skateroom is the idea of making art accessible, approachable and affordable,” says Erin Lang, managing director of LUMAS Toronto.

Both organizations share a similar philosophy as to what art is and can be. “Art has always been such a big part of the skate industry. If you look at skate decks, there have always been unique designs. People choose decks based on that, and it’s representative of themselves. It’s a natural alignment,” Lang says.

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Some of The Skateroom’s work features art by legendary artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol. Both artists’ works pair well with what skateboards and skating culture represent.

“These artists all kind of force you to look at art a little bit differently,” Lang says. “Basquiat, for example, has that urban, street art feel that is perfectly encapsulated by skateboarding, whereas Warhol’s tendency to take everyday items and transform them into magnificent pieces relates directly to the transformation that occurs with these artistic skateboards.”

All of The Skateroom’s decks, as well as LUMAS’s entire portfolio, are available to order online. Some of these can be seen in-house at LUMAS Toronto. Proceeds from every purchase go toward a charitable organization of the artist’s choice, as well as to Skateistan, an NGO that builds skate parks and educational programs in areas of the world where they are needed, such as Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa.

Christine Schellenberger Director, Portfolio LUMAS

Christine Schellenberger is the portfolio manager and heads the LUMAS Corporate Art Service, developing individually tailored art concepts for the company’s business customers.

photos courtesy of lumas | Skull (c) Jean-Michael Basquiat, Set of 8 Coloured Campbell’s Soup Cans (c) Andy Warhol,

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