Steeles Paint Celebrates “CALIENTE,” Benjamin Moore’s 2018 “COLOUR OF THE YEAR”

Steeles Paint has been a staple of the paint industry for the past couple of decades, and Caliente is sure to paint the town red.

In the competitive world of paint, obviously colour is everything, dictating moods, looks and design themes, especially within personal spaces. Paint has almost become a fashion statement, and like fashion, trends change. And there is a specific and serious science to this ongoing and complicated art.
From the mind-blowing colours of the Disco ’70s to the minimalist European white of the ’90s, paint colours have now settled back into a pleasing palette of variety, style and sophistication. Such is Benjamin Moore’s 2018 Colour of the Year, “Caliente,” a bold take on red with earthy, warm undertones, now featured prominently at Steeles Paint Décor Store in Woodbridge, which at 20,000 square feet is Canada’s largest independent paint store and retailer of Benjamin Moore and Para Paints.
Steeles Paint has become the go-to source for interior design, with 25 full-time professional interior design experts and professional paint specialists, guiding both industry professionals and everyday homeowners through the often confusing world of paint colours and textures.
“Caliente is a very interesting and bold colour – think about the gesture of a red door to a house, there is personality inside that house,” says Steeles Paint owner and impresario Claudio Grisolia. “The brown undertone makes it very soothing in a warm and seductive manner, yet very charismatic at the same time. Think of the red gallery walls in a stately mansion showcasing beautiful oil paintings.”

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“If all the colours of the spectrum walked into a room at once, I think you’d go over and talk to Caliente first” — Claudio Grisolia

Given his livelihood and interest in paints, the more Claudio was exposed to Caliente, the more he was intrigued.
“While Caliente is a radical choice for colouring a room, at the same time, dark rooms can be very seductive through the comfort red brings, the cocooning and assuredness,” observes Claudio. “Red is many times exciting, yet at the same time grounding and enveloping – a signal that this is a place to retreat. If all the colours of the spectrum walked into a room at once, I think you’d go over and talk to Caliente first – it has a warm and captivating personality.”
Developing new colours is an exacting process, involving one part science, one part creativity and one part inspiration, according to Benjamin Moore director of strategic design intelligence Ellen O’Neill. And for Caliente, the timing was right, as its inspiration was unapologetically strong-willed and with purpose.
“Last year I witnessed first-hand the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., the weekend before I went to Paris,” revealed O’Neill in an interview with Architectural Digest. “I just saw this undulating wave of colour, the pink spectrum, from dusty rose to red – it was a coating of colour as far as the eye could see and I thought on the plane to Paris, ‘OK, right now, colour is a voice.’ And red is like this cloak of luxury, you just felt like something important always happens in a red room.”
So, if you’re thinking of reinventing your space, go a little further and reimagine a bold environment with the professionals at Steeles Paint Décor Store and Caliente as Benjamin Moore’s 2018 Colour of the Year.
Caliente is definitely a statement colour, both au courant and oh-so fun.

4190 Steeles Ave. W., Woodbridge, Ont.

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