Jason Polsinelli: “Be the best at what you are and deliver the best at what you can do”

Managing Wealth and Helping People with Financial Decisions and Advice.

Personal financial situations are like DNA — everyone’s is different. Your situation, aspirations, financial goals and priorities are unique and constantly changing as your life evolves. These factors may become increasingly complex and challenging to understand and manage as you progress toward achieving your goals. This is where professional advice, trust, honesty and financial acumen are needed most.

Few understand this better than Jason Polsinelli of the Polsinelli Financial Advisory Group. Now leading a premier financial planning, advisory and wealth management team at Scotia Wealth Management, Jason shares his own personal life story which led him to a career in wealth management. “I wanted to be a lawyer at first and was always reviewing contracts for my parents’ business,” says Polsinelli, who studied at York University and earned a master’s degree in business from Dalhousie. Whereas his entire family were award-winning international hairstylists with a creative flair, Polsinelli was the kid in the suit, likening himself to Michael J. Fox’s character Alex in the TV series Family Ties.

“I really care about my clients and their well-being and put my heart and soul into it”

“The one thing that separated my family’s business from the rest was their commitment to customer service,” recalls Polsinelli. “I grew up knowing you must serve your customer to the highest possible standard. Whatever it is you do, my parents always said, just be the best at what you are and deliver the best at what you can do.”

Upon graduation, Jason got work as a bank teller, followed by several different roles, where he learned everything he could about the various aspects of financial services and advice. It was during this time that he discovered a natural affinity for financial planning and investment management, eventually being recognized as the top planner in Canada at his previous firm.

“Understanding all aspects of finance and advice allows me to provide the best service to clients that I can,” says Polsinelli. “I was a very good banker, but what I noticed early on in my career was that people were starving for advice and exceptional service. Moving into wealth management equipped me with the right tools to help customers better understand their estate goals, retirement, taxes, investments and a host of various other complex matters, enabling me to tailor financial advice and planning to clients’ unique circumstances and goals.”

As an adviser, Jason has had immediate success and has grown an impressive book of business in just three years. And that success continues to this day: not only was he recognized by Wealth Professional Canada in 2015 as a top performer in the industry, but his client base continues to grow at a steady pace, thanks to word-of-mouth referrals based on his reputation, a noteworthy achievement in the very competitive field of financial planning, investments and advice.

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“Most of our business is due to referrals, based on the positive experiences of others,” explains Polsinelli. “People come to us for two main reasons: we look after their money so they may focus on enjoying life with the confidence that their wealth is being taken care of; and we are experts at advising clients on how to organize their lives to achieve their goals. Individuals, families, corporations, trusts, treasuries — our clients all have wealth, but each has issues and circumstances that require their own unique solution. Every day is something different.”  

Trust, confidence and honesty play a large role in the sensitive business of managing wealth, where customized solutions tailored to each client are of the utmost importance. This is a key area of focus for Polsinelli. These are the attributes that were instilled in Polsinelli by his family and continue to guide his work ethic to this day.

“I’d like to think I’ve made the world a better place, especially in [improving] people’s lives”

“Trust is the glue that holds everything, including your relationships, together,” says Polsinelli. “I really care about my clients and their well-being and put my heart and soul into it. Each client is a new puzzle. Our team has the willingness, knowledge and experience to analyze each piece and assemble it in a way that makes the most sense for their long-term betterment.”  

Another testament to Polsinelli’s character is his commitment to many local community causes in Vaughan, Ont. These have included: speaking to students at university as part of the Inspire North program, where he inspires in them the values of hard work, discipline and commitment to others; tree-planting; Italian heritage support; volunteering to help the growth of the Vaughan Film Festival; and his dedicated work in Youth Bocce, where he teaches the game to children and adults with special needs.

“There is nothing more satisfying to me than community involvement. In some small way, I’d like to think I’ve made the world a better place, especially in [improving] people’s lives,” says Polsinelli.

We all have our specialty areas — the things we do very well, based upon our education, training and experience. But when we are outside of our comfort zone, it is always wise to turn to experts in their fields who are also people of character, integrity and commitment whom we can trust.

Similar to medical professionals guiding your health or professors teaching your children, the wealth management expertise of professionals like Jason Polsinelli can assist with providing guidance in our lives and the lives of loved ones.


Photography By Carlos A. Pinto

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